24 August, 2010

I Got Some 'Splainin' To Do

Dear Allie,

Where are you moving to, and where are you moving from? I don’t understand why you do not just live with your husband? I am concerned about you. My husband is a doctor, and has a book published, also.


Well, Anne, while 'tis true that Babe has his Medical Degree he is actually a consultant with a white shoe firm which requires tons of travel. I promise, we do live together although, he is gone for most of the week. When I refer to his hotel du jour as his "home", it's done tongue in cheek. Sooo, in a nutshell for all those confused...

Displaced from our G'town condo suddenly last fall cuz landlord needed to move in.

Threw all belongings into a storage unit and headed to sisters beach house rental since Babe was working abroad for 4 months and not available to orchestrate finding us new real estate.

We didn't look for a new place in the city after Babe's return cuz he was seriously considering a professional move to Paris.

Babe pulls plug on move to Paris suspiciously soon after I announce plans to make Hermes my signature brand once landing in France.

As spring looms on the horizon I dig in heels not wanting to leave the beach this close to my season.

Sister decides to move outta rental so we our pack hobo sticks and kerchiefs and head back to the city to regroup.

Turns out "regrouping" involves Pips and me double teaming Babe and convincing him we should take over beach house lease.

So, an official, if short lived, move into the beach house, including all belongings from storage, is set for September 1. And, even though Maxminimus likes to tease me about the verticals, ya can't beat the million dollar view. Athough, I must admit, the thought of an ADG/Allie von SummersVerb Reality Show in the city was tempting...

Kindness of Anne for bringing to my attention the fact that some readers may have just come on board and are slightly confused about why we live like hobos. Home is where the heart is Anne. The heart and close proximity to the beach...XXOO


  1. Don't you mean home is where the sand is?

  2. Wow! That's a lot of moving about. So happy y'all found a place to call home...for now anyway. Though I can only imagine how much fun it might have been to live in Paris for a bit!

  3. Well, I must say you did a nice job in clearing up any questions regarding your home life. Few of us live "normal" lives anymore, I certainly don't.

    I am both thrilled and jealous that you get to live at the beach full time. I will have to get my beach fix from your blog since I can only get to the coast a few times a year.

    Happy moving day!

  4. Thanks for the "move-a-log" Allie! Anne wasn't the only one confused about your house-hopping! And I've been reading for a while!

    By the way...what is a "white shoe firm"? Are we talking athletic foot gear?

    Just wonderin...

    bisbee (kept my eyes open when we were in OC, but we obviously didn't hang in the same places...too bad! Of course, I'm old enough to be your mother!)

  5. Thank you for sharing this series of events! I have always been curious about your multiple addresses but I assumed if I was someone who needed to know then I would know - you know? I cannot tell you how much I love your blog - thank you for all the fun and interesting posts!

  6. Oh, that picture--it looks almost exactly like the beach entrance next to the house where I am right now!

    Best of luck with all the moving (and thanks for "splanin")!

  7. Someday that Allie/ADG variety show/comedy routine/reality show will come to fruition. And thanks for the explanation as I've been confused myself - and I'm not exactly a newcomer.

  8. While insanely jealous at the thought of all that water and sand, we couldn't be happier it is going to be permanent!

    Smiles at you, can't wait for Lolly's arrival!

  9. Whew!

    Maybe Anne was concerned 'cause she never sees Babe and her husband at the same time........;-)

  10. Lucky you to live at the beach full time.

    Best wishes!

  11. Just added a Wiki link to clear up your "white shoe firm" question Bisbee. And, my hanging place is generally on the beach in Fenwick Island. Look for the shwanky towel...XXOO

  12. I think a f/t, albeit short, gig at the beach is the perfect reason for another towel. I can't imagine Babe would want you to wear out his dear birthday gift.

  13. This is a great post!

    As a new reader I appreciate the catch up!

    : )

  14. So much fun!! Happy to have the update.

  15. K. You can ignore my email about all this, as I had a case of blognesia and forgot to complete my daily am toilette, which includes SIAV.

    SO...are you there for another year? (Nosy me...)

  16. Thanks Allie - that proves you're never too old to learn something new. Imagine - I obviously don't hang with the "white shoe firm" crowd!

    When we go "down 'y ocean, hun", we hang up toward that area as well. I'll keep an eye out for that fabulous towel!

  17. Wonderful explanation! Hope the move goes smoothly, and perhaps another Hermes towel would do, since you're staying at the beach! :)

  18. Landmark Verticality...humbles me just thinking about it.

  19. As a confused long time reader I SO appreciate this entry. (I, too, figured...if I needed to know, I would know.)

  20. I thought the Hobo thing simply had to do with the fact that you were playing homage to your hippie-ness... Hermes-loving hippie-ness, but hippie-ness just the same! XOXO

  21. No need to justify blondie. We love you no matter what. in your words, XXOO :) TG for summerisaverb

  22. ...and I just thought that this was some sort of secret covert operation in an effort to save for a coveted Hermes Birkin bag or perhaps a last ditch attempt to live in sandals and bikinis year round.
    Now what would Paris have done with the likes of you?
    Daily trips of gastronomic and epic proportions ~tempered by shopping extravaganzas and being scolded by the french for touching everything in sight.
    You know what a faux pas that is. Touche Alice to your digs. Summer on.

  23. "Athough, I must admit, the thought of an ADG/Allie von SummersVerb Reality Show in the city was tempting..."

    Now, that would be tasteful, not to mention intelligent and entertaining reality television.

    ~anonymous in Boca