09 August, 2010

Post Anniversay High

My Dear Niece Alice,

Here’s a Happy 5th Anniversary wish for you and Josh….

He’s a great guy who happened to meet the Right woman; in many ways you are perfect for each other…Josh is cool, focused, considerate and tender toward you and always has one eye on the Big Picture. You are, well, You.

After the BOA (Birth of Alice), God quickly realized that you were one of a kind, shattered the mold and sent you on your merry, creative way. And you were definitely merry. And definitely creative. Then the star-born collision with Josh, and voila! – the couple of the decade was matched up! Five years and counting – you and Josh are going to be just fine.

I am happy for you both and wish you the best.

Uncle David

Merci Uncle David. Merci everyone for the abundance of Anniversary wishes we received. 'Twas a blissful weekend and, even poor Babe, who was coming off of only 6 hours sleep in a 72 hour period, rallied for some Allie requisite fun in the sun and a couple of celebratory dinners...

And, my inexpensive (read non-Hermes related or priced) 5th year gift of "wooden" mallets was very well received. I expect to be rewarded accordingly (read Hermes related AND priced)...

Kindness of Babe for generously being such a good sport during your brief time at home this weekend even though I know all you wanted and needed to do was sleep. I'll be holding down the fort here in "Candyland" til your return again Friday from Pinocchio's "Pleasure Island"...XXOO


  1. What a lovely note from your uncle! Glad your weekend was as great as you report.

  2. What a sweet note written by your uncle ;-) Makes me smile. xoxo