02 August, 2010

For ADG And His Merry Band Of Male Bloggers

Sorry gals, this one's for the boys. Or is it...

Bonobos and Tucker Blair are hosting a "Win A Weekday Wardrobe" contest. Fill out your entry here by August 3rd to become eligible to win 5 pair of Bonobos pants, 5 Bonobos polos and 5 Tucker Blair needlepoint belts. That's a serious haul...

In this month's Elle Decor, Tommy Hilfiger listed Belgian Shoes as one of the "12 Things He Can't Live Without". He wears, "velvet for black tie, suede for everyday, annnd owns a pair in every color". I know, I know...the fact that Isaac Mizrahi wears them is a sore subject for ADG so, I anticipate another tantrum once he gets wind of this. I can hear the Belgian Ban being put back into place all the way from OTA...

I've saved the very best for last. Babe's newest love, Chasing Classic Cars, airs Thursdays at 9pm on Discovery HD Theater...

It's now also my newest love cuz Babe is in such a trance when watching that I can proffer a foot for massaging with nary a protest. Fingers crossed there's a Saturday marathon in the DHD pipeline...

Kindness of all the smart girls that realize that this is also a post for them. Can you imagine what kind of purchase you could get away with if hubs or the bf wins the Bonobos/Tucker Blair loot courtesy of your entry? Or when you tune him in to Chasing Classic Cars? Foot massage, pshaw! Can you say Hermes...XXOO


  1. I'm signing my husband up today for the giveaway hoping that the said perks flow my way. Thanks for the tip....

  2. Oh, we are big Chasing Classic Cars fans in our house. My husband for the car porn and I'm in for the same reason you are, foot rubs! Try and get Babe hooked on the Mecum Auction show.

    We actually went to a Concours d'Elegance yesterday, amazing seaside venue, truly outstanding vehicles.

  3. 1. This is probably a fake contest. You know, like the one you staged last year.

    2. Hilfiger and Belgians...no big whup. I an't imagine what would cause a Belgian ban here in my world. The Misrahi thang was mostly 'cause he was wearing pink ones.

    3. Classic Cars...I'll be in Pebble Beach next Wed-Sunday at THE Concours d'Elegance. I'll tell Ralph y'all said hey.

  4. Dang, week away on the Cape w/o internet and look what I missed.

    Allie, help a fellow blogger out and shoot me an email on the bberry next round, okay?