23 August, 2010

On The Road Again

Welp. Pips has his hobo stick and Hermes kerchief stuffed full of peanuts and we're baaack on the road again. He and Mama were like fish outta salt water and wore poor Daddy down sooo, we're beach bound again...

Stay tuned for this weeks moving adventures...

Kindness of everyone for extending me some posting latitude these coming weeks as we deal with all the fun that comes with moving, NOT. And, Pilgie who will please be sure to shake all his peanut dust out of my Hermes pochette scarf before returning it...XXOO


  1. Safe travels!
    I hope your move is a smooth one!

  2. Allie,

    i thought of you the other day when I read a feature on NYSocialDiary.com.

    They often feature a NYC decorator and this time it was Carol Prisant. IF you scroll through the article you'll see where she has HER books covered in white paper and then wrote the book title, author on the spine.


    It looks great, but I like the look of your vellum better.

    Hope you're well and had a nice b-day!


  3. Love the beach! Sand in my shoes too. I had to laugh at the Canned Heat. I met them at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City as a teenager. I said to one of them...will you sign my bag?...he thought I said Will u sign my back!We had a good laugh! Guess I threw out the bag : ( Going up the country...
    Jennifer aka Gigi aka Jennifer Juniper