05 August, 2010

Scout In The Field KEP Designs Report

A report just landed on my desk from Amy "International Scout" Fahrenkopf. Seems she managed a little KEP Designs Eye of the Needle Trunk Show "field work" while in Nantucket...

My Crackberry was blowing up on the beach last weekend with incoming picture texts, including this one of KEP's assistant. Wonder if she knew that this pose would send a certain Pucci bikini clad gal scurrying over the dunes to launch a search on the necklace she was sporting...

There's good reason Amy's my numero uno scout with all inclusive reports like these...

And, why am I not surprised that her purchase happens to be one of the very same pair of chandelier earrings I proposed to aide-de-camp Lizzie when she needed something sparkly to go with her new long Lilly frock? Must be a Leo "good taste" thing...

And, just in case Babe doesn't approve the $700 coveted purchase (here's where I pause and flash him my laser whitened smile), I've got a consolation necklace waiting in the wings. Such a shame though cuz turquoise goes sooo well with pearly whites...

Kindness of
Amy who has Babe shaking in his boots with her invitation to Paris for a shopping trip next month. I'm caaahnnnVINCED he turned down THAT move abroad after I announced my plan to make Hermes my "signature" brand...XXOO


  1. Hey, I'm a Leo and I have those chandelier earrings, too. Hear me roar!

  2. I totally heart all things KEP!!! I met Kelley at a trunk show in college and I have loved her collection ever since. Happy Thursday to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

  3. Love KEP!! You have to go to her darling shop the next time you are in NYC.

  4. Kristin does *fab* work, I'm lucky enough to have one of her necklaces!

    Sending you a smile,

  5. LOVE this stuff. It is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Discount code isn't working...

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