25 August, 2010

Many Thank You's To Go Around

Merci to all my readers for the overwhelming amount of birthday well wishes, cards, gifts and shout outs...

Merci to Babe for my shhhwanky and much coveted beach towel and, also for commissioning the Hermes fairy to make an additional deposit under my pillow...

That makes available TWO slots on my perpetual wish list...

Merci for my pretty pink and green cake birthday breakfast and for thinking ahead to how confusing it would be for my readers if it read "Happy Birthday Babe". Little do they know we are both "Babe", "Dil" and "Fil" (and all variations of the three)...

Merci for my Black Salt birthday dinz and for taking care of me once I was drunk off the combo of Bellinis and Tylenol Cough and Cold...

Merci to Amy and Alexandra for all the champers and goodies day two of the festivities...

And, last but not least, a belated merci to Jill Olson of Tickled Pink and Green and Kara Hagan for alerting me to Summer is a Verb's mention in Houston's social glossy Paper City. I've been hoarding the copies generously sent to me for a future powder room papering project...

Kindness of
Southern Gent's friend who reported in with her sighting of me leaving G'town's Neyla restaurant Saturday night. Next time you just go right ahead and yell out your congratulations on the procurement of my much discussed beach towel. I would have been laid out on the sidewalk in laughter. Now, if you had approached our party to deliver your message more privately, it would have been YOU collapsed on the sidewalk. There was enough collective garlic breath in our group to drop an elephant...XXOO


  1. Wow, what a menagerie this post is!
    There is not even one bit of remorse over the fact that summer is coming to an end. I am glad to see that you are not throwing in the Hermes Beach towel.
    You are one feisty lady who knows how to celebrate.
    Trunks up to all the elephants!

  2. :) smiles and sparkles abound!



  3. looooooooooove the bracelet and looooooooooove blacksalt!

  4. looooooooooove the bracelet and looooooooooove blacksalt!

  5. Since you are very good at having wishes granted, could you wish for me to receive that fabulous bracelet as well?

    Wait, was that selfish??

    I meant, yay for you!

  6. Black Salt...GREAT spot. I got dumped there one night. Also, a lady fell through the cellar floor-door years ago-it's right in front of the retail fish counter when you walk in. Broke her leg. Lesson: Eat and drink at Black Salt...don't buy your fresh fish there blah blah blah...my meds haven't kicked in yet.

  7. Love it! Birthdays are so much fun! And yours truly is g-r-e-e-n with envy over the Hermes loot!

  8. I'd hoot and hollar any time I saw you just for the rare feat that it is to track you down: Beach, NYC, DC, Beach, Beach, NYC.... no beach towel necessary.

  9. Love it all! Such wonderful and generous gifts! :-) Enjoy! XOXO

  10. I LOVE the bracelet!!! It will go with everything. I have the white elephants and I wear it all the time! xx

  11. I LOVE the bracelet!!! It will go with everything. I have the white elephants and I wear it all the time! xx

  12. What do I 'click' on to find your shout out on Paper City? I wanna read it!

  13. You have a wonderful husband, Allie!! Love all the gifts and the cake. You are a lucky lady! When the day comes for my daughter to get hitched she's going to attend "Allie's Husband Training Boot Camp" before walking down the aisle!