13 August, 2010

Singing Like A Bird

Yup. I'm ratting out my dealer and his name is ADG. Street name, Maxminimus...

How am I supposed to keep my nose clean when I'm sent taunting picture texts like this one flaunting the arrival of his Lilly Daiquiri Pink Ten Ton Bouquet bermudas?

Of course you know the story; I convinced myself I could handle one weensie Daiquiri Ten Ton Bouquet purchase myself...

But one led to two...

And, just when I was "around the turn" and back on the wagon that sly ADG targets my weakness. My crack. Belgian loafers...

Minutes after receiving the pic I was online, trolling for a my newest fix, hoping Babe wouldn't find out I was slipping again...

And, now I think my habit is about to be exposed. Juuust when I convinced myself that I could keep my dirty lil secret under wraps Mr. Unscrupulous strikes again this time using his daughter as his Belgian "mule"!

Now, I'm jonsing for these and I'm jonsing hard. I'm NYC bound for a weekend with Babe where I have absolutely no hope of slipping down Belgian Boulevard unchaperoned. So, I'm singing, siiinging like a bird and rolling over on my pusher. Heaven forbid I put any looming towel gifting in jeopardy...

Kindness of Babe who will take mercy on my weak, too much time in the sun soul for the devil made me do it. Forget about the devil in a blue dress. It's the devil in the black Belgians ya need to worry about...XXOO


  1. I absolutely get the biggest laughs out of you and ADG!! I do love that dress. Irresistible, one might say ;-) xoxo

  2. L.O.V.E. Belgians...just can't afford them. *sniff, sniff*

  3. I ALMOST hit "BUY" on one of those Lilly travel cases...but sanity stepped in (my dryer went up yesterday and we have to go appliance shopping today - ugh!).

    Thankfully, I don't share your Belgian obsession!!!

  4. Hah... love it! Belgian loafers remind me of my mom in the 80s. A monogram sweater and Belgian loafer? Yes, please. I am on a one woman crusade to bring back the monogram sweater this fall. And my footwear of choice to pair with it? Belgians.

  5. Belgian "mule".....hehehehehehehe!

    Love the daiquiri ten ton! I have the lovely murfee scarf.

  6. Those black quilted Belgians are fabulous!

  7. "LFG...Aunt Alice called you a mule!"

    Glad to offer the continuous taunts. LFG vetted my Belgian choice in Gotham this week and I'll blog it later this weekend. I force ranked two other pairs in the queue as well.

  8. I saw the feed on your FB page, and thought 'that looks like LFG!!'. Hope she picked a pair of pink n' green ones for her pa!

  9. Too cute a post.
    Poor ADG, being blamed for passing a summer sartorial virus about... :-)

  10. Talk about loving that print. I've got two dresses in it - the one you have featured, and the Del Mar! If only they had Callahan shorts in them too...

    P.S. Go for the blue! Love them!