05 January, 2010

Galleria Of Christmas Cards

Thought I'd share some Christmas cards from a few recognizable faces round these parts including, my own Paperless Post easy way out version...

If I hadn't been so overwhelmed with the recent move, and an ohhhsoooclose to a move abroad, I would have most definitely commissioned the illustrious PVE to illustrate us a Christmas card. Once again, the card she created for Mel was hands down one of my absolute favs...

The blue ribbon for creativity went to my Loyola gal pal Ellen Ciciotte in Naples who sent her holiday wishes out via picture text...

Then there was thee infamous Uncle David of much fame pictured with my Aunt Carol and their grand babies...

The bff...

Aide-de-camp Lizzie and her Tracy Anderson guns...

Carol of Canfora sandal fame...

Joanie of Belgian Shoe fame...

Now qualifying as an old friend, the ever popular (although, I suspect not merely for his writing) Maxminimus and his partner in crime LFG...

And, new friend, the beautiful and talented Jules Reid and family. Okay, I now have 350 plus days to get it together and put in my order for a PVE pièce de résistance for next Christmas. I'm officially reserving a paintbrush in the name of the Richardson family...
Kindness of everyone included above for humoring me while I trot out your card for one last hoorah...XXOO


  1. I love Christmas cards! What beautiful families!! xoxo

  2. Now the sad thing is that my card was recycled this year as I was busy being the Holiday Greeting Card Artist...and you know I would be honored to add you to the list. I would love to start now. My cut-off with regard to Holiday orders will be moved up!!
    Warning, tee hee.
    Did you just love Melissa's Card!!! I had a ball illustrating that one. Thanks for the plug.

  3. Love the cards! The tree picture is too cute. I love Christmas cards that make me think about summer or the beach. Have a great day!

  4. Looking forward to more of you in 2010!!

  5. I want PVE to design my card too. I love the picture of her sitting on the sofa near the fire. I would love something like this next year for our family. I love your blog design too and hoping to commission something from her for my blog as well.

  6. I can not sing Patricia's praises enough. Although, I may be shooting myself in the Christmas card line foot...XXOO

  7. I love looking at people's holiday cards! And, it's a great excuse for us to get creative with our Christmas greetings each year. Of course, PVE's work is always fabulous. Cheers!

  8. They are all so lovely!
    Thank you for sharing.



  9. I got Jules' card too and was way too distracted by that amazing maxi dress! I will put you on my card list for sure next year Alice :)