27 January, 2010

The Guilt Card

I've been obsessively Skyping the boys making sure all's well on the home front. Per usual, Templeton is eating his weight in food cuz "ya know Mummy's never coming home to feed us ever again"...

And, Monsignor Pilgie donned his Monk's robes the minute I walked out the door with my suitcase. He has taken a vow of silence and has begun his eight day fast. Yup, all's status quo on the northeastern front...

Kindness of my sister Genevieve for juggling the Golden Corral All You Can Eat bar and the Monastery til my return...XXOO


  1. Love your pouting cats. I just posted on my little devils also.

  2. nine lives monastery, has a ring to it!
    Have you given them "mexican" nicknames while you are there. pepe and tio or juan and margarita?
    what will you be bringing back home for them to cure all your guilt.
    cat got your tongue? surely not.

  3. Sooo funny! At least you know they miss you.....:-) Hope you're having a wonderful time. I know your tan is better than mine! XOXO

  4. I just have to say that what I'm seeing behind the laptop looks absolutely divine...we're suffering here in the snow with about six weeks until spring break...ENJOY...hope you're feeling better...don't let the guilt get you down!

  5. Scooter-the-Wonder-Cat stands in solidarity with the boys; she is still pouting about our little jaunt to Chicago. For two days.

    Sending you a smile,

  6. I love that pouty face that your kitty cats have! Guess they will need some major attention + treats when you come stateside! xoxo

  7. And I thought I worried too much about my cats when I went away! What never ceases to amaze me is when I go away for short trips (1-2 nights) and I leave extra bowls of food for my cats, is that the moment I put the "extra" food out, both cats start feasting on the the "extra" food, as if they've been unfed for weeks.

  8. Hola...not a cat person but yours are very cute. I am super pale and very jealous that you are getting tan. I know..I live in Miami, but it is freezing here!