04 January, 2010

Soft Start

We have had a good two weeks of pure Christmas gluttony...

And, some of us our not quite ready to face the end of the face stuffing, gift receiving, shop til ya drop, movie going, gym skipping holiday train...

Annnd...some of us are going to be at a loss once the girls head south mid week and we can no longer bed hop to our heart's content...

I suspect Meile, my in-laws baby, has utilized the twilight bark, aka the all-dog-alert, to communicate to Templeton and Pilgie that the gluttonous times are about to come to a screeching halt and the tree skirt fort is soon to be dismantled and packed up til next year...

Kindness of Meile for including me in any future bark chains that have anything whatsoever to do with warm weather and white bikinis...XXOO


  1. Ugh, wish I could be the one sleeping in this morning. Sounds like you had a fab holiday - Happy New Year!

  2. Love the kitty peeking out from underneath the tree skirt!

  3. kitty under the tree skirt is hysterical- "ooooh sh*t, mum caught me red handed!"