06 January, 2010

Babe's Gonna Kill Me

Much against Babe's out of town wishes, I went on an eight mile run (really only qualifying as a jog) after convalescing a flared up Achilles tendon for the past couple weeks. I knew it was too much too soon but, I could just feel the fat creeping on throughout the holiday. Sooo, now I can add a flared up Iliotibia band to my list of injuries...

Back to convalescing on the sofa which gave me the perfect excuse to finally watch Valentino's The Last Emperor sans subtitles with Hilbils...

I think I'm going to ride this wave of an excuse right into bed with my new needlepoint belt kit and a hot cup of green tea...

And, lest I forget my new Ralph Lauren candle bought last weekend in an attempt to give a scent makeover to an otherwise musty hotel suite. Now...how to dodge the looming lecture headed my way once Babe finds a moment to call...

Kindness of Babe who hopefully got all his lecturing out in his bbm missives sent earlier today??? XXOO


  1. If Babe kills you, at least it will be for you trying to stay fit. If MY Babe kills me, it will be for shopping too much! :-)
    Feel better! XOXO

  2. Hope you feel better! Take care of yourself. You do have some very dreamy things to keep you busy whilst you heal. xoxo

  3. Dear Allie in musty hotel room,
    Don't get on that one step forward two steps back track. Listen to the doctor/Babe and convalesce. BTW, I must have watched Valentino: The Last Emperor six times. Loved it. I especially enjoyed the special features section with a behind scenes look at all his homes. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. sending magic sparklies for a quick recovery- so frustrating to want to get out and move only to have to be put in the timeout corner :(

    maybe some pilates and yoga dvds in the interim?!



  5. Oh thank you! I need to find a needlepoint belt kit - I can't believe you posted this today :-)

    Hope you heal soonest! I've been nursing an injury since June.

  6. Allie...I've had a chronic achilles/soleus issue for years now and it's a real bummer. Ended my triathlon and 10k efforts for sure. There is no magic bullet for this but you might want to find a physical therapist who does A.R.T. Active Release Technique. Yoga became my next best solution for keeping tendons and muscles happy. Plus, the girls butts in the classes are usually stunning.


  7. I love the mentality of a runner: The feeling that you would fall off the edge of the world if you don't get the miles in.
    I definetly lost that running feeling but I would love to get it back in 2010.

  8. Feel better soon! Are you still at the beach???

  9. Yikes, that is one big owie! But we do understand the need to run and know a bit about re-injuring oneself.

    You certainly selected outstanding convalescence aids though, we love that film! We watched the special extras on the DVD more than once, it is too fascinating and too fun, we could probably watch it 100 times and learn something new with every viewing.

    And your needlepoint is going to be darling, what a cute pattern! We actually pulled one out over Christmas that we hadn't finished (ahem) and are considering trying to complete it... you may inspire us!

    Sending you a 'feel better' hug!

  10. Here's to a quick recovery time! Love the colors in the belt. Can't wait to see the finished product. Take care.

  11. Achilles heels come in many forms...some less literal (my case: shopping)...

    Ah well. Rest well and recuperate!!!!



  12. I danced for years and had several Achilles heels incidents, the best thing is to wear a heel - my dance teacher told me it alleviates the pressure to the heel.
    take care, needelpoint, sip, and breathe.

  13. Just as a point of note, Babe's STILL mad at me and the lectures are STILL coming. Never wants to play doctor when I have a GYN or derm question! Pshaw...XXOO

  14. I hope you watched the 'extra features' on the dvd -did you see the 'the homes and life of valentino' feature? BREATHTAKING!
    Which Ralph Lauren candle? I LOVE the 'pied a terre' scent!