18 January, 2010

Piggy Flu Panacea

My furry nursing staff couldn't have handled my round the clock care without the auxiliary help of some really great blogging friends. A team of "experts" in the fields of moral, materialistic and distractionary support...

First communique to come over the wire was a pic text greeting from Meg Carter at the Atlanta Gift Show via Kristin at Summer In Newport. I nodded back to sleep in a Tylenol and Sea Candy dangle induced haze...

At the height of my piggy flu misery a UPS delivery arrived from Jules Reid...

A script filled with kind words...

And, one ahhhmaaazing blouse....

Don't get too comfy on that hanger lil pink missy cuz next week we're saying adiós to this sick bed and heading to México...

By day four the fever had broken and I emerged from the bedroom just in time to receive an urgent email from Dickie at Southern Gent. The gals at Matters of Style had posted a Belk's Going Out of Varinas sale. I was able to muster strength from some unknown reserve and track down the last pair of size 9 navy Varinas in the whole Belk world...

Not long off of the heels of my Varina victory came a message over my blackberry from camp Maxminimus:

"So I'm sitting in a cafe next door to my office a moment ago-having a late lunch and this kid...I say kid because she's probably in her early twenties-pretty little blond gal like your nieces and like LFG is going to be...walks over to me.

'I know this is awkward but I read your blog' she nervously said. We both laughed and I asked her how she found it. She said...'I read Summer is a Verb every day'. I told her that Allie Von Summersverb was recovering from the Swine in good form. She sends her best"

Just when a girl's circle of friends, closet and fever ravaged head seem to be swelling disproportionally out of sink with her shrinking body, leave it to PVE to bring her back down to earth with a post reminding her it's time to shift gears from receiving to giving. She's also great for a 3am email when a sick girl can't sleep...

Kindness of everyone for all their well wishing emails, texts, bbm's and tweets while I was sick. Babe especially thanks you for buffering him from the bulk of my whining...XXOO


  1. So glad you are feeling better. I love Meg Carter jewelry so much and had the opportunity to meet her at a trunk show with my dear friend Linda at Persnickety Palm. Happy Monday! xoxo

  2. "distractionary"...damn. Now I got me a new word.

  3. I just ordered my first Meg Carter earrings and I CANNOT WAIT to get them! Love the Jules blouse...TDF! So glad you're feeling better! Hugs! CZ

  4. Best wishes for a continued recovery and fun packing for Mexico...

  5. We're neologists over here at Summer is a Verb...XXOO

  6. Glad we could be of help with the Varinas...I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of my red pair! Feel better!

  7. Kindness matter most, and you most definitely are kind. xoxo
    ps pls join our preppy mafia!

  8. Glad you are feeling better - stay well. DAM

  9. Sounds like you are feeling better. Yay! No fun having any flu.

  10. To some MC is a rapper term. Not to us... :-)

    Hope that this little piggy (flu) leaves Fenwick very soon...

  11. Glad you are feeling better, LOVE the blouse. Also love Meg Carter! :-) XOXO

  12. Good to know that you are back to your formidable shopping ways or giving and recieving lovely things to make us all feel better in the midst of illness, suffering and natural disasters.
    Love the tunic and be careful what you eat in Mexico.

  13. haha! Well, I am that pretty little blond gal, I guess. Glad you are feeling better, it was strange putting a real life face to a blog so I felt it necessary to say hello.

    Oh, thanks for the entertaining read each day.

  14. LOVE your blog and so exciting about your Mexico trip! Where are you headed? the Hubby and I are going to Punta Mita next month and I am counting the minutes!

  15. So sad to hear about this little piggy and hope you're recuperating nicely. What happy little comments and gifts you had to help you through!

    LOVE love love the blouse.