25 June, 2010

Trash Talkin

Orrr, what has affectionately been Christened by Babe as, my "BFM". The "F" being either of two interchangeable words depending on the severity of my crime...

So, although I would loooove to take advantage of this eBay Pucci towel deal sent to me via Anne Lake...

Or, forward Babe the email of this shwanky, très pricey Hermes beach mat courtesy of my good friend, and partner in over the top shopping crime, Lauren...

I may likely be reduced to Pedro por Hermes, courtesy of ole Maxminimus, since the "price of my Pucci bikinis" cat is outta the bag. You see, ever the humble gal, I was prancing around the beach, debuting one of my Pooches last weekend, and bragging up a storm about hooow special they were. Babe hardly missed a beat. "Just HOOOW special were they???" WHAAAwhaaa (Debbie Downer sound effect). Me and my BFM...

Kindness of
Anne Lake and Lauren Seppi for thinking of me. Unfortunately, it looks like I may be carrying the Hermes beach towel torch awhile longer. Yup, I'll be the girl hiding my million dollar bikini wearing buns with the dime store towel from the Camp Maxminimus butt police...XXOO


  1. That's not trash, babe, that's treasure. I want the Pucci and the Hermes. Now.

  2. You should be proud to drape your shape(which you work hard for) on that fine South 'O the Border beach towel....that towle is a fine piece of kitsch...
    Anyway...as a beach girl I am sure you have a very servicable beach chair...so as not to grovel in the sand like a tourist or Shoobie.

  3. Remember those tres swell coolers you had posted about, what about painting a faux hermes towel?
    One is never too old to dream or to build sand castles, especially one's with logos!
    Enjoy your summer weekend dear!

  4. Don't you hate when that happens! So sorry. Let's hope Babe has a short-term memory. :)

  5. Uh oh! I've done the same thing :O( OOPS!

    Check out a song by Gossip called Dimestore Diamond :O)

  6. AllieVonPedro....the Butt Police must be capitalized. They are an elite, bona-fide group of highly trained professionals-committed to minimizing the sins of lycra-spandex and other too taught...too tight stretchy bits found where they shouldn't be.

    Careful now-the Butt SWAT team is just around the corner.

    Pucci Culo Policia...working in tandem via Interpol...with the Culo Carbinieri...there's nowhere to hide.

  7. Or we could have a surprise UPS delivery and claim it as an ebay phony from China....nobody will knowwwww...??

    Thanks for the shoutout! I'm en route to the beach at noon and again next Thursday for the 4th!

  8. Policia?! Off to buy one of those tees with the good body camo painted on it. Wonder if they make those in Pucci? XXOO

  9. Yow - while I certainly had an awareness of Pucci bikinis I, like Babe, was previously unaware of their price-point. But good for you for being able to don a two-piece so it might as well be spectacular.

  10. The Hermes mat is gorgeous!!

  11. LOL! Great post :)

    Forget Pucci. I MUST get the SOB towel!

  12. Border...what border? (dramatic eye roll)

  13. Hilarious! Perhaps you could justify the cost of the towel by considering the amount of times it will be used? Just sayin'....
    Hope you're having a great weekend ! XOXO