24 June, 2010

Lightning Bolt Surf Brand Revival

I was all over Hilary's June issue of Vogue once I spied the layout Blake Lively did with legendary surfer Rob Machado...

I was rapid reading the accompanying Hamish Bowles article, skimming for any important tidbits, when I hit pay dirt...

Jonathan Paskowitz, of the infamous Paskowitz surfing family, has revived 70's iconic brand, Lightning Bolt. Well, after some fast and furious due diligence, including a phone call to Emma and Hilary's daddy who owns the Fenwick Island Surf Shop, I was on my way downtown to the only store at the beach with any of the relaunched merch...

Half an hour later I was two Lightning Bolt tees richer...

And, anxiously awaiting more of the brand to hit the East Coast...

Already on my wish list for next summer, a Lightning Bolt long board...

And, some trunks for Babe....

Til then, I'm gonna appease my appetite for some "eye soul candy" with Rob Machado's The Drifter...

Kindness of Babe who drove me all the way downtown during weekend beach traffic and bought me my blast from the past Lightning Bolt tees from some hippie store. The traffic, he shrugged off, walking into Raggamuffin, took some sacrifice. Thanks Babe. I owe ya a cigar store visit without nary a complaint...XXOO


  1. Love these shirts. So relaxed and comfy. And Blake Lively is ridiculous and so in shape...even in white!

  2. Would you kindly suggest a few good restaurants and shops in the Ocean City and Rehoboth, DE area? I will be spending some time at those beaches this summer with a friend. Do you agree that the food at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth is overrated?


  3. I LOVE Vogue Diaries. They always add so much more to just a photoshoot!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love The Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach. And I agree about Dogfish Head.

  5. The only shop I can recommend with any semblance of keeping my rep intact, is Mark West in Rehoboth. Thas all I got in that department. Restaurants I would recommend include The Grove (very hard to get into and ressies a must)right outside Ocean City, Blue Coast in Bethany, no ressies, and The Cultured Pearl in Rehoboth, again, ressies recommended. Oh one more in OC! Micky Fins is fab...XXOO

  6. Holy moly, she is in fab shape! Maybe I'll do a few extra crunches at the gym tomorrow!

  7. Love Blake. But love surfing SO much more! :)


  8. You need to buy Mr.Dr.Baby the ENTIRE Cigar Store.

    Now about that girl in the white bikini...where is she please?

  9. Admit it...that's the cheapest thing you've ever wanted....

  10. Rob Machado is still hottit hot hot...I remember (crazy!) college summers in OCMD and Roxy was the line of choice. Thankfully I've broadened my fashion horizon considerably....