22 June, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Loot Received

At last, my fabulous winnings from Summer is a Verb! Neatly packaged of course . . . Gucci loafer image on the address label a dead give away as to what was inside. Merci beaucoup Alice - this was above and beyond - I love everything and have had so much fun telling friends the story of my winnings that I won fair and square


Last week I finally mailed off Charlotte Goldfarb's Scavenger Hunt winnings as soon her custom Bonnano's rolled in...

She was kind enough to send along pics of all her goodies with her thank you...

Unfortunately, with the heat wave sweeping the South, the Berger Cookies suffered a fate similar to Babe's birthday cake...

I will have to give the royal taste tester a demerit for his packing skills...

Well Charlotte, all I can say is, just think of all the water retention you saved yourself passing that one giant, melted cookie off to your sons. All the better to fit into your new platinum and gold Bonanno's my dear...

Now, put those pretty feet up and immerse yourself in some mean girls and eyebrow dying...

Don your Meg Carter swank, gloss your lips and enjoy your loot...

And, as much as I love the Preppy Cards you chose...

I like my homemade card the best! Burger Cookie finger smudges and all...

Kindness of Charlotte Goldfarb for being so patient while her pretty Bonnano's were custom made. And, as a gesture of gratitude for all her goodies, she would like to let all my readers know that if they are ever in the Atlanta or Buckhead area they need to head straight to Miller Brothers for great preppy haberdashery with superior customer service and Beth Ann's boutique for boho chic. Noted in my virtual shopping address book Charlotte. Oh, sooo very noted...XXOO


  1. Such a generous gift, Allie! Can you believe some biatch stole my Social Climbers book at the pool this weekend? I guess all that pink and green were just too tempting.

  2. What an awesome gift! I have those exact Bonannos in gold. Love them. Cute stationary too.

  3. Note to self...win one of SIAV's contests.

  4. VERY nice! I just downloaded Social Climbers to my iPhone...now that I've finished the Steig Larrson trilogy...sounds like more appropriate summer reading!

  5. Thanks for the ATL shopping tip! I'll be making a trip into Miller Brothers soon to pick up a surprise for my very picky younger brother...

  6. Fabulous goodies, Charlotte, you lucky duck!

  7. OOOOOhhhh Bergers cookies are so addictive. Yummy prizes!

  8. I have the same Bonananos! Love them so much!

  9. Laughing over Pilgie's packaging, incredibly cute and hilarious.

  10. Lucky you! I have that color combo, although I have yet to wear them! Enjoy!

  11. Note to self: What Suburban Princess wrote! Congratulations, Charlotte.

    Anonymous in Boca

  12. You've got a lot of nerve bringing up that scavenger hunt issue again. I'm calling the Police. And you know what kind of Police I'm talkin' about.

  13. Allie - I'll eat Berger cookies whether or not the chocolate has melted but keep Pilgie away from that chocolate.
    ADG - Why don't you have your very own scavenger hunt?