03 April, 2012

Goodie Queue

Here are five goodies that are currently on the SIAV radar...

Anyone who devoured Isabel Gillies Happens Every Day in "a day" as I did will be just as thrilled to hear she has a new book out, A Year and Six Seconds...

The Four Majors belt just in time for the holy weekend and the bff's hub's Easter basket. Babe's gonna have to hold out for my custom needlepoint edition...

Literally, the day my scout Ali sent the link to Jack Foxley and the Times article on his custom suede elbow patches, I end up standing next to a prepster at the Shell station wearing the softest grey cashmere sweater with gaping holes in both elbows. So, I paid it forward. Much to the relief of his two VV decked pre-teens who are apparently remiss to be seen in public with said sweater...

K, well I was supposed to meet Jessica of the entertaining house last week for the naptime chef book signing several towns over but, kinda got waylaid. Guess I'll have to settle for a pedestrian unsigned copy with the rest of the hoi polloi...

so sorry i was a no show last pm jess. was trying to quickly and efficiently cook and serve dinz so that i could head to westport just as 95 traffic would be ebbing when all hell broke loose. i put the garlic bread slices under the broiler to lightly toast and turned my back for juuuuust a wee sec and before i knew it smoke was billowing out, the fire alarm bit** started screaming FIRE, EVACUATE, FIRE, EVACUATE...and, unfortunately, are alarm system is integrated throughout the entire house which means the family living on the first 2 floors were getting the same message soooo, now we've got smoke filling the house, the bit** still yelling at us to EVACUATE and the columbian nanny downstairs running screaming into the street w/5 pajama clad boys all under 9 whose parents are out of town. but, she did manage to grab the phone on her way out so she could call 911. oy. so, after babe calmed her down, convinced the fire dept his wife had just burnt some bread and they could could pull the trucks back into the firehouse, i beat the crap outta the alarm bit**, started airing out the house, then sent babe back to the store for another loaf of italian bread, i kinda lost what little wind i had left in my sails. plus, i'm pretty sure i smelled like kramer when he cooked his clothes in the calzone oven :(

Personally, I can not conjure up a legacy I would possibly be prouder of. How cool is she?!

*Please click on the above link to watch the video in full screen with Katherine's entire face. Stinkin' blogger...

Kindness of my friend and old post dawn runner partner, Joanie DiNardo, for sending me the above clip, Jessica Ryan for understanding why I was a book signing no-show as long as I promised to blog about it, Ali Culver for the Jack Foxley intel, Masters baby, QBS,  for the Four Majors belt find annnd (BIG iiiiiinhale) Whitney for the Isabel Gillies new book alert. Lest, I forget Babe, for running back to the store for another loaf of Italian bread...XXOO


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. Headed to Bethany for Easter weekend and it will be added to my kindle today! Did you see your mention in the April Matchbook Mag - Devon Baer noted SIAV as a must read. I agree!

  2. Is KS amazing or what? I need to pop that link to MoMo so she can watch; MoMo was an athlete right before the cusp of Title IX- ran track in HS but had to cheer in college since that was the only athletic activity she could participate in... looking back, makes me so proud that she was very big on raising active and sporty girls... ones who are going to buy that same belt upon Easter Monday ;)



  3. Well, Fire Marshall Bill, maybe you could change HER voice to that of perhaps, Colin Firth or another man of your choice...then it wouldn't be quite so annoying to be told to EVACUATE! I'm so glad other people have problems with these 'built in' fire alarm systems. Ours seems to like 2am.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  4. My brother and sister in laws's house burned to the ground two weeks ago, she's 8 months pregnant. And my mum's 3 carat diamond ring which I had borrowed, was stolen on holiday last week - I'am turning to gin.
    Not blogging about any of this, it's too raw.

  5. I once set my convection oven contents on fire. UGH. I have to check out that book

  6. thanks for the call out! And so excited to learn about Isabel Giles new book as well. Today, as it happens, is both the beginning and the end. In roughly 3 hours I'll be closing up this book and opening a new one. It's a very surreal feeling to say the least!

    We shall celebrate soon!


  7. I've been a fan of Isabel Gillies since Metropolitan. But I never read Happens Every Day. When her new book comes out, I'll have a bit of catching up to do. Looking forward to it.

  8. Lo siento, hermana. That sounds like the most annoying fire alarm EVER. At least you know it works!

  9. How did you like the book? And thank you for the shout-out. I realized I never thanked you. ;-)

  10. It'll be a beach read. Don't even have time to crack my magazines these days...XXOO