04 April, 2012

Spring Lillies

Nothing heralds Spring more than loading up on the season's Lilly offerings...

Last year's fav print was the Dark 'n Stormy and, thus far this year, the honor's going to Call Me Kitty Cat and I've snatched it up in the Delia dress...

With Lilly Pulitzer I've learned that I fare better with in store shopping otherwise I end up not as enamored with something I spied online while conversely all over something that originally had me turning my nose up. Buuut, I took a gamble on the Trophy polo and came out a winner...

I love, love, LOVE these shirts and chances are high that I will wear them in. to. thee. ground. And, fyi, they also come in a slew of other prints and are not your average fat day polo. These puppies require you at your leanest and meanest...

A couple  of Tate skirts in Multi Lillys State of Mind Patch...

And, Bright Navy Yum Yum for maximum exposure of tanned Insanity please God toned limbs...

If not, then the Lana top in Turquoise Jungle Glam Toile and white jeans 'tis!

Babe was heroic enough to fight off a gaggle of teens all vying for the last Eco cup in my requested Resort White Chum Bucket on the shelf so I could sip my Coke Lites on la playa in style...

Natch, being the weensie glutton that I am, I promptly double dipped upon landing Stateside scoring another in Multi Sweet Begonia. Hmmm...wonder how many $15 Eco cup purchases it takes to trigger a Mint.com flag? One...two...

Kindness of the girls at G'wich Lilly for their sweet help and Babe for seriously going to bat with some "on a mission" girls to score my coveted Resort White Chum Bucket cup. Even though he did say "no thank you" when asked for his address to be entered into a Breakers vacay sweepstakes. Pshaw, who needs four days of luxury in Palm Beach anyway? XXOO


  1. Did you know Lilly is offering free shipping right now? Not sure how long it will last. No minimum. it appears.

  2. Good to know as I'm eying up another Trophy polo. Merci Mary Anne...XXOO

  3. Chum Bucket????? Ewww...... ;-)

  4. I think you read my mind... I have been perusing all of the Lilly goodies at In the Pink on Newbury St, and then reviewing my potential shopping haul online. Ready to pull the trigger!!! (especially if there is free shipping at the moment) xoxo

  5. Perfect timing! Lilly is on RLL today!

  6. I had to have that Delia. It's Purrrfect! Sorry for the pun :)

  7. I'm with you. I like shopping for Lilly live.

  8. I have my eye on some lovely liberty print items at brooks. My inner London is calling.
    Love all those bright happy Summer time fun items.

  9. Ohhh fabulous choices! I feel like I may need to get the eco cup also to encourage me to drink more healthy smoothies. That makes sense right?

    Xo Julia
    Tartan & Sequins

  10. I am a big fan of the Turquoise Jungle Glam Toile - almost got it in the t-shirt style dress (which runs big) but held off as I knew getting 2 dresses for the races AND an Easter dress was going to hit my bank acct hard enough. HA!