17 April, 2012

Ti-Babes Take A Minus

Nico, our neighbor's son and sitter/friend of the Ti-Babes, asked the Bippers to participate in his class science project; How does a cat's reaction to music differ from a baby's? 

Although, initially happy with her role in the final product, Lolly was a bit curious about the minus part of the A-...  

I mean, who could minus that face?

Then she saw it...GASP! Laaazyyy??? He???

Ohhh the shame...

Pilge requested keeping his name out of this post lest someone mistaken him for the above likeness...

 I mean, puhleeeze...any resemblance is just absurd!

In the future? Hmmmm...we may have to establish a few parameters for inclusion in any future "musical" projects Master Nico...

Mais, don't you know our Daddy's got Cajun blood coursing through his veins? A li'l Au Fond du Lac is preferential to our Looziana lovin' ears...

Lazy, mes patte...

Kindness of Nico for being a good sport and a great friend and caregiver to the Ti-Babe's. We've downloaded some Feufollet and are limbering up for a spry game of purple mouse for our big date this coming weekend...XXOO


  1. What a wondeful cat illustration with the visions of a mouse! Your neighbor should be drawing the cats when he is sitting for them! And what a fun science project...by the way, my cats are very opionated about various music and let me know what they do and do not like.

  2. How about the mewsical CATS for Lolly and Pllge?

  3. That it too funny! Love the science project

  4. Ahem, a domestic light beer? Me thinks Pilgie should worry not. Love the mouse on the plate drawing, btw.

  5. Hysterical & cute!

    Congrats on Nico's science project and board.