31 January, 2012

More Of A Good Thing

Yesterday's comments ended up being a quite a treasure trove...

First, Anonymous sent me in the direction of The Debutante Hunters, a Sundance 2012 Audience Award winner for best short...

Then, Whitney at Pink and Green Pup deposited this gift on the doorstep of last week's Foxy Girls post. Swooon....

Which led to the unearthing this li'l vixen...

And, a tip o' the cap in the direction of this Wimberly custom order beauty came by way of Miss Fox who is batting a 1000 with the finds. If you keep this up Hilary, I may start grooming you for a SIAV summer internship! You can work on the finds, I'll work on my tan...

Kindness of Anonymous, Whitney and Hilary for making my post writing easy thus, freeing up my Monday night for quality time with Babe. Who am I kidding, I'll be glued to Pinterest like a gamer and his bad habit...XXOO


  1. Yay for Lady hunters! Glad to see I'm not the only one who hunts with my pearls:)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love Moss Mills. I purchased the mama deer ring several years ago and have received so many compliments.

  3. I was on the prowl, or the "hunt" for the needlepoint canvas for one foxy design and the scent of something sweet took me off course. You ladies have what I like to call "good noses" for sniffing out any den or old fox hole.

  4. Found these last night and thought of you. When I read today's post, I knew i had to get in on the act. Two foxilicious items from Gump's... http://www.gumps.com/p/fox-pillows?CatalogCategoryID=&cm_vc=Search (pillows) and http://www.gumps.com/p/fox-needlepoint-loafers?CatalogCategoryID=&cm_vc=Search (needlepoint loafers...on sale!).

  5. OBSESSED with the Moss Mills clutch and cuff!!!

  6. Thanks so much for the cuff love! Wimberly's new running fox cuff is one of my personal favorites too...wonder why?!! ;)