19 January, 2012

Foxy Gals

When I emailed KELLY MARKET a pic of the swanky fox buttons I found for our shared Schoolboy Blazer habit her response was,  Stop it!! I am obsessed...OBSESSED!!! My grandmother's maiden name is Fox and we all love anything with a fox on it!

Well, my fellow lover of all things vulpine, then you're really gonna love these...

And, thisOMG...stop it!!! Dying over the necklace!

I guess it's a good thing Top Shop's sold out of this painted fox jumper cuz it doesn't sound like your rapidly beating heart could take anymore...

Personally, my heart's still aflutter for the Christopher Ross...

And, sterling Chuck Pinnell fox buckles. Babe's is aflutter over the looming dent they'll put in his wallet. In fact, I'm expecting a third stop it!!! email, and not with Kelly's IP address this time either, annnny minute now...

Kindness of Aly Sanderford, my fellow C'villian and lover of all things Hermès, for if I had not been stalking her great taste on Pinterest, I'd have never spied and repined her horseshoe bracelet which circuitously led me to the Fox & Thistle gems. Poor Babe. With this caliper of cyber intel, he may as well throw in the Hermès beach towel now...XXOO


  1. Funny I have a fox sweater from many years ago, I think its Ralph Lauren that I am going to have to pull out.....anything to look foxy:)

  2. Somehow all I imagine when I think of you and a fox is a 2 piece with some sort of foxy cut, tan and wild.
    I linked my pinterest to my experts only post.

  3. I need that fox sweater. Kind of an odd thing but I saw a fox on my way to the office this morning. It was dark and he was just hanging out in the road. Woke me right up!

  4. Aaah, love the Aly shout out! One of my besties. And yes, she DOES have fabulous taste :)


  5. One of my bff's last name is Fox and she has a brass fox door knocker and all sorts of needlepoint pillows you would love!

  6. OBSESSED and STOP IT RIGHT NOW are right!! Definitely agreeing with you on the Christopher Ross and I think Grandma Fox and clan would have to agree : ) Now if only I could get to the Tender Button before April....must plot a trip to NY stat! xx

  7. THANK YOU !! You rock! I already know what the Christmas/birthday gifts all my little foxes will get!


  8. did you know my knick-name (from sisters only) is "foxy" I know call my two nieces (that share the great middle name) Foxy as well:)

  9. So weird! Almost bought the Elizabeth Turner Fox & Hound eyeglass case canvas the other day.


    Thank goodness you are using your powers for good and not evil!

  10. YAY! Thanks for the LOVE!! xxoo

  11. Looks like someone needs a "Fox Love" pin board on pinterest! Great post! x

  12. Vulpine is such a brilliant word.
    Aubin and Wills do a fab foxy scarf!

  13. Good Lord... It IS the week-end... Whatever THAT is. I can hardly tolerate these despicable days without a bit of Allie!
    And now she says these week-ends are lasting three days!
    Deplorable ! xxx

  14. Saw this over the weekend (yes, I do have them, sniff, sniff) and thought of you.