11 January, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Jenny B from Boston generously offered to host a giveaway for this pretty in pink 2012 Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner to whom ever I deem worthy...

I thought it très apropos considering it's that New Year's Resolution time o' year when every one's trying to organize their thoughts and goals...

For as long as I've known him, in the days leading up to New Years Eve, Babe starts working on his resolutions. He takes it all vuuury seriously...creating yearly themes...subsections to the theme...oodles of fancy bullet points...and lofty, yet obtainable goals. Meanwhile, I devote about two minutes during my shower to run through a few thisyearI'mgonna!'s in my head which all pretty much circle back around to me being thin, tan and rich...

Probably explains why eeevery December, Babe can whip out the previous year's goals and reflect back on how he hit every stinkin' mark and I STILL don't have long hair or teeter on the verge of anorexia garnering concern from all my jealous well meaning friends...

Okay, thiiis yeeeaaar...I resolve to be more like Babe. I'm going to time box my work, I'm going prioritize even if it means a few things fall by the wayside, I'm going to be, gulp, nicer, annnnd I'm going to spend more conservatively GASP! Well, let's try and take this one month at a time shall we...

Now this is a random tuffie buuut...this first person to correctly guess the writer/actor/funnyman Babe and I sighted walking in the Village last weekend, which, btw, I did not tweet, will walk away with this Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner. I'll give you a hint; he's rolling in it :)

*Every one, including family and bff's, is eligible to play with the exception of Alexandra, who was with us, and Amy, whom I bragged to told...

Kindness of Jenny B from the Bean for hosting this giveaway out of the goodness of her li'l ole preppy heart. Wishing you the very best 2012! XXOO


  1. Woody Allen?

    I want to win this SO much.

  2. My first guess would also be Woody Allen but since taken I'll try ... Ben Stiller? Fun giveaway - thanks! And glad you're back from your hiatus - love Downton Abbey, I watched based on your rec.

  3. I'm guessing.... Will Ferrell
    I wee bit doubtful about his qualifications.... But he certainly stands out in a crowd! Sarah@mainecare.com

  4. I usually don't participate but the calendar is soooo cute and my new years resolutions would look so purdy written on it, especially when I check each one I've achieved.

    I think the answer is Larry David!!!!

  5. Darn...Christine beat me to it! I say (anyway) Jerry Seinfeld!

  6. chevy chase!??! I want the RBC, err, blue and white striped planner so baaaaadly!


  7. Chevy Chase? LOVE those planners.

  8. DING DING DING DING DING!!! We have a winner...Congratulations to the Lovely Nancy! 'Twas Larry David we saw in the Village. Merci to everyone for playing and Jenny B for introducing us to Sarah Pinto's preppy planners...XXOO

    ps...Honorable Mention goes to PVE who also got it with her blanket guess just a smidge too late :)

  9. Every time I visit your blog, I feel like there's an auto-deduction from my bank account. I will definitely be purchasing one of these for my 2012 work year. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Since I know how much you love to shop, thought of you when I saw this: http://shop.salliehome.com/details.cfm?prodid=62338&brand_id=358

    It's so appropriate for you and your excellent taste!!!

  11. Great planners, love the bold happy prints. Humm...going to go with either Will Farrel or Steve Martin? Not sure if I am too late for the game....

  12. Those are DARLING!!

    By the way I was just in Mexico this past week doing a lot of deep reflecting...and I resolved to (and I'm not kidding) be more like you.

    I'm going to pare down and become more minimalist. Quality over quantity. I've always adhered to the "more is more" concept, but I've decided as my memory fades with each passing year, it only makes me more confused and feels chaotic. I just can't handle all these choices. From now on it's going to be "Would Alli buy this?" Or better yet , WWAD?

    I'll let you know how I do....

  13. If you could see the amount of pink zit drying lotion that is covering my face at the moment you'd be high tailing back to Meheeco for a do over. And, thanks to Babe's new *Mint.com app I'll be taking the minimalism to a whole new level. Under extreme duress I might add :(

    *"Mint.com" said in the same manner Jerry says, neeewMIN!

  14. I adore you for lines like this, "I STILL don't have long hair or teeter on the verge of anorexia garnering concern from all my jealous well meaning friends..." Exactly. Keep up the good, non-resolution-y (I don't bother with them much either) work, I say.

  15. These notebooks are fabulous- they make me actually want to keep to-do lists! Do you have any pens you'd recommend to coordinate with them?

    Thanks! Julia

    Tartan & Sequins

  16. Yes, Le Pens! Martha Stewart listed them as one of the 12 items she couldn't live without in Elle Decor. Just bought myself 28 in a slew if colors! XXOO