09 January, 2012

Tender Button

Babe and I pursued several guilty pleasures in NYC along with Amy over the Christmas holiday. His being long, late dinners at 21, Gramercy Tavern and The Spotted Pig and mine, of course, being shopping. And, of all the places I went during our three days there, whether under my Hermès steam or Amy's Prada, Tender Button was hands down my favorite stop...

My mission was to find replacement buttons for my J. Crew black watch Schoolboy blazer and, mission accomplished...

I knew I wanted something with a fox and it took Babe all of 30 seconds to ferret out these navy enamel beauties once we were pointed in the right direction...

I kid you not when I say I jumped up and down with glee and skipped all the way back to Madison Avenue. Which actually served me well cuz Babe just let me in on a li'l secret, which he can't stop me from sharing seeing as he's out of pocket on a plane at the moment but, on the whole, men are happy and utterly content as long as their wife and family are...

Well, my happiness performance landed me another set of swanky buttons which I earmarked to replace the antique English fox hunt buttons on my navy Schoolboy since I can wear that well into spring...

Wonder how many cartwheels I'll need to turn for thee additional flannel Schoolboy blazer where I've decided my discarded fox hunt buttons really belong?

ps...the J. Crew black watch Schoolboy blazer appears to be sold out online so if anyone's interested I suggest calling 800.586.5819 and asking them to do a store search. Also, those gorgeous fox buttons also came in red or black enamel. TDF...

Kindness of PVE for directing me towards Tender Button and truly one of my best ever NYC finds. Merci beaucoup my friend! I was more excited carting home that mini brown bag of buttons than the big orange bag with the tell-tale ponies. Thank you for both bags Babe. cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel land in a split...XXOO


  1. I just knew you would adore that wee shop. I wish there were shops like that for just about every category.
    It is so amazing how a button can transform an old friend.
    Happy Monday-

  2. The buttons you picked are beautiful!

  3. Oh those buttons are the fox's pyjamas!

  4. Welcome back! The navy and gold buttons will look great with your Hermes click clack! I wore my blackwatch blazer in NYC and thought because it was SO cute I wouldn't feel constricted...I was wrong but I wear it for the sake of fashion! xx

  5. I went to that store back in 1969 (yes, I'm that old). I believe it was during a weekend trip with my friend - went up to see Hair (the original) and we went here also. I can't remember much, but I went to their website and it brought back memories!

    I'll have to check it out again!

  6. What is the little secret????


  7. LOVE those buttons! I'd love to have them as earrings too

  8. Thought you'd appreciate these:


  9. Gorgeous!!! I love finding places like that...no more factory buttons!

  10. I love those fox buttons X a million! Can't wait to visit Tender Button - looks like an upscale version of Boston's Windsor Button.

    PS - would prob be easy peasy to turn those into earrings.....

  11. Wonder if they ship? Love your choices, as always!!

  12. Now did I not tell you as well to get to Tender Buttons ASAP? It is one of my very favorite stores ANYWHERE.

    (Patsy - I have made a handful of earrings from buttons acquired at Tender Buttons.)

  13. I love this shop! I have an enormous vintage button collection (that is now for sale, as we are down-sizing) The two ladies that started this shop were so wonderful! Isn't it just an adorable spot?

  14. Anyone who is still looking for the jacket might just try calling the J crew stores in the south and Texas. I had great luck.