18 January, 2012


My sister Mandy turned me on to the the Talking Animals videos and they kept us entertained all weekend...

I'm still laughing...

In fact, when it took us 2 hours to move just a measly two miles in GW Bridge traffic en route home from the beach, and our, let's make the most of it and enjoy this time together attitude slowly shifted to, I told you we should have left earlier! and, why didn't you take the truck route! I whipped out my iPhone, queued 'em up again, and all looming thoughts of mariticide and uxoricide magically disappeared...

Kindness of Pilgie and Lolly who I hope were taking copious notes from the backseat cuz this stage Mummy needs some good footage for submission...XXOO


  1. That dog video is the funniest thing ever!
    Off to watch kitty cat now...I'm a sucker for talking animals.

  2. Hilarious. Now who said -- we should have left earlier --
    Pilg or Loll?

  3. We saw the dog, who's name is Clark Griswald, online this past weekend and laughed so hard! My kids want to know how they can get a magic talking dog, too. :)

  4. Two things:

    1. Do not EVER take the GW. EVER.

    2. BBC Walk on the Wild Side.


  5. sounds like you need two talking animals of your own - you know, the kind who can say "tappan zee bridge".......

  6. Trust me, after a $200+ realignment and Monday night's pain we have learned our lesson. The Tappan 'tis...XXOO

  7. it's annoying to have to go around but anything is better than sitting on that bridge for hours - especially when it starts bouncing up and down. of course that highway through white plains can be a nightmare too but at least the road isn't moving.