23 January, 2012

Needlepoint Project Du Jour

I had my needlepoint scissors confiscated by the TSA, again, last year and finally got around to replacing them...

And, I can not tell you how happy I am with my new Sajou Petits Monstres, little monsters, after a year of having to rely on my ginormous kitchen shears and fingernail clippers to snip thread...

Noooow...on to which needlepoint glass case pattern I'd like to christen with my swanky new scissors...favorite couple, the fox and hound...

Or, the Gucciesque red and green bits...

I have sentimental attachment to the horses with blankets, being my first ever pattern but, been there, done that...

 The fluer de lis are such a classic but, boooring to stitch...

And, my summer's 'round the bend heartstrings are being tugged on by the tennis theme but, then again, how will I feel come fall? Hmmm...okay, so which TWO needlepoint glass case patterns would I like to go with my new swanky scissors???

Kindness of Patsy Wiswell for sending me the link to the fox and hound pattern. I hate to be a copycat Patsy buuut, my love of that duo just may override any semblance of graciousness I can muster. Promise to only use the other pattern I settle on if ever in your neck o' the woods regardless of the season...XXOO


  1. Yay! I am so happy I can rely on your blog for my (European) Monday mornings! While America still sleeps, I get to enjoy the first Summer breeze.
    As for NP project, I'd say, fox & hound first (better hurry, you'll probably want to switch that one out right around March... And the Tennis one for summer second. The Gucci-esque is a bit too Gucci-esque and the fleur de lis as you said is a bit been there, done zzzzzzzz. Besides, the bumblebee color scheme doesn't work for me, imho!
    Ps. If your scissors are confiscated again, try a cheap children's fiskar's pair. As the blade is short and the tip is blunt, it is specifically permitted. I carry a copy of the TSA exceptions list with me when I fly, just in case.

  2. How about letting me paint your "Summer is a verb" on canvas for ya? (to needlepoint?)

  3. gucci bits or the tennis court!!!!!!!!! and as soon as you make a cottage industry out of making and selling these glasses cases, I'd commission some bidnizz.



  4. I think in terms of what would look cutest inside of your purse, I'd go with the horses or the fleur de lis. But they are all adorable! Will someone else sew the case together or will you do that yourself?

  5. I loooove the fox and the hound! So you!!! I also adore the horses! It may have been your first project, but it is good enough to repeat in my book!!!

    xoxo mpm

  6. Although ... now that I read PVE's suggestion! I am in love with that one. How about her idea and the fox and the hound as option #2!! xo

  7. I like to use this for my needlepoint. It has passed through the TSA.

  8. Oh, I am sooo all over PVE's offer. And, merci for all the helpful links and suggestions. I usually use my nail clippers to cut thread on the plane having packed my good scissors in checked luggage. Problem has been remembering to remove them from my needlepoint bag at the end of the vacation and repack them in my checked luggage. It has cost me one antique, sterling and one Swedish pair at security. Annnd, threat of imprisonment as I've schemed how to snatch them back out of the bin when Agents backs are turned...XXOO

  9. LOVE the Fox and Hound!!! I'm diyng to find one for me too... I only have some old kittens I used to work on years ago... Not so cute anymore...


  10. ooohh, I think I may do the horses! i love, love, love them!

    any of your gorgeous PVEs would make fabulous canvases ~dreamy sigh~

  11. I love the horses (reminds me of the hermes bangle print) or the fox and hound. I really need to get back into needlepointing!!