25 January, 2012

Health And Beauty Finds

Health and beauty; there are two words that don't oft get bandied about 'round here. Wealth and booty, yes. Health and beauty, notsomuch...

Measure Up Bowls for all us OCD types that measure out our cereal and yogurt portions in the morn totally omitting the need to dirty a measuring cup...

Babe will be thrilled that I've just added 5 minutes to my bathroom hogging, ritualistic cleaning routine...

Apparently, coating your eyelashes in Vaseline before bed helps them grow and, since I maybe wear mascara once per month, I'll take all the organic help I can get. But, puhleeeze be careful not to get in your eyes. I'd prefer to not become notorious as the Blinding Blogger...

Laugh all you want but, Brook Burke ssswears her Baboosh Body Exercise Wrap worn during workouts will whittle your waist. And, my due diligence has uncovered an US Mag pic of her putting her belly wrap where her pilates is. I'll be laughing all the way to my Brook Burke mid-section...

Kindness of Babe who will start to work on his eyelashes coated in Vaseline skit pronto. Thus far I get the mock blasting of buckshot when I emerge, face all dotted in pink zit drying lotion and Dog the Bounty Hunter impressions, with Pilge playing the part of Leland, after I brush my hair back into a post face washing mullet. I can haaardly wait to see what Dr. Funnyman comes up with for my goopy eyes...XXOO


  1. I always use measuring cups for food so I'm ordering those bowls. I'm not a big mascara person either so I get my lashes tinted. It really works great!

  2. So I want the bowls because I am very OCD about everything and I'm going to investigate the waist whittler as that's my flab zone.

  3. guess who is going to try to adapt the Tuesday Tip in her shower for Clairsonics this AM after she goes on her dark n cold run?!


  4. Is it too late to start measuring and whittling and draining?

  5. God, that facelift video is FASCINATING!!!! Want to try ASAP.

  6. Love the bowls. Love the visual at the end of your post. You are a riot!

  7. From my experience, Vaseline does work but organic castor oil works amazingly and you can better place the oil by using a q-tip. This worked wonders on my over plucked eyebrows!

  8. My mom's spinning class has been on to the belly wrap forever...they swear by it!! xx

    p.s. Please don't become the Blinding Blogger : (

    p.p.s. Just found an amazing pair of Del Toro foxy slippers...I don't think we've shared these before!