29 November, 2011

Still Carrying The Fiorentini + Baker Torch

It looks as though Babe's schedule is putting a damper on our Christmas in Rome plans sniffle sniffle soooob and, while I hate to burst his good intentions balloon as he covertly (he thinks) considers consolations jaunts to Palm Beach or the Greenbrier, a swing by the Fiorentini + Baker store in Soho would do the trick... 

I had grandi plans to snag a pair in Italy but, since there'll be no when in Roma per me, may I finally extinguish my Emma torch in NYC per favore?

A torch which was recently given this healthy dose of oxygen...

Althooo...the Epi have started tugging at my reminiscent of Laura Ashley heart strings...

As have the li'l less Laura Ashley, li'l more Laura Ingalls Eta. I know, I know...crazy to think I could pull these off... 

Until youknowwho rocked her F + B shorties...

Kindness of Amy for getting the ball rolling on the NEXT Christmas in Venice trip NOW. Late in the game planning 'twas a hard lesson for us to learn and I couldn't agree more that a li'l trinket from VC&A should help to soften your no Rome for Christmas blow. THAAAT'S RIGHT AMYYY, A VC&A TRINKET WOULD MOOOST DEFINITELY HELP TO SOFTEN THE BLOWWW...XXOO


  1. I don't know how tall you are, but even on Gwynnie those boots have a "short leg" effect. Just sayin'

    Sorry about Rome. Have a lovely memory of the taxi driver stopping by a gate in Rome for us to peek through on the way to the airport. Wonderful.

  2. Ahh the G'briar. Why not? Although everything is itemized now on your bill, every.little.thing. But at least it has a casino?!

  3. My pre Christmas get away balloon has also been burst.
    Don't the menfolk know that crushing disappointment must be served up with a beribboned gift box?

  4. I'm 5'7 and a quarter and I'm not a willin' to give up the quarter if even just visually. Rats.

    And, gratzi for the Greenbrier itemization intel. Massage...massage...massage...gift shop...gift shop...gift shop...massage...GIFT SHOP...disaster averted! XXOO

  5. Oh dear. I had my heart set on a new pair of Fryes for Christmas, but these boots are singing reeeal pretty to me right now!

  6. I disagree - ankle boots with skinny jeans in a similar shade will NOT make you look shorter. If you wear baggy pants with rolled up cuffs like Gwyneth, that's another story. Then again, if she can pull it off, what makes you think you can't?

    5' 7 1/4" isn't anything to be upset about - you've got me by 4 inches!

  7. Loved your oyster stuffing recipe!
    But, don't buy the boots; you already have enough STUFF!!!

    Are you buying anything on Cyber Monday? Patagonia asks that you think twice before making a purchase ... even from their own store.

    Patagonia's campaign is the exact opposite of what one might expect from a clothing and outdoor gear manufacturer, but the Southern California-based company is taking on what they see as rampant consumerism with their Common Threads Initiative.

    Patagonia wrote on their website, "Cyber Monday, and the culture of consumption it reflects, puts the economy of natural systems that support all life firmly in the red. We’re now using the resources of one-and-a-half planets on our one and only planet."

    In the video below, the company stresses that you should consider what you "deeply need" and not just buy what you "vaguely want."

    Economically, Black Friday and the holiday shopping season may be a boon, but the unsustainable consumerism Patagonia wants to stop was arguably visible in shoppers' behavior this weekend.

    Violence erupted at stores across the country as shoppers fought over limited quantities of sale items. A 61-year-old shopper in West Virginia collapsed in a Target store and later died. He was allegedly ignored and stepped over by his fellow deal hunters.

    The stress on our planet isn't just felt with over-production and waste with consumer goods. A report released this week by the United Nations found that a quarter of the world's land is already "highly degraded." The report also found that the world's farmers will have to produce 70 percent more food by 2050 to feed the world's expanding population.

  8. Sorry about your Roman holiday:-( The boot styles remind me of the Alabama designer Billy Reid chunky rustic looking!
    We're going down to Bluffton, SC for New Years and staying at Palmetto Bluffs absolutely beautiful place on the may river outside of Hilton Head!

  9. Is that you Babe??? ;)

    Yes, I did receive that very same Patagonia email. I completely appreciate it's message yet, also believe there's nothing wrong with buying nice things if your income/outcome/tithing/appreciation is in balance. Not, that mine always is but, I try :)

    Very happy the oyster stuffing was a hit! Still working mine off...XXOO

  10. Tres sad about the Rome trip but these boots are spectacular whether they are sourced via Rome or NYC. I love the Epi's alas my cankles do not.

  11. I say buy the boots for roamin around....we all have to do our part to boost the economy and our spirits. :)

  12. The boots are very cool. I am hard on boots, so it is difficult for me to justify expensive ones. No matter how well made the boot is, somehow, I tear them up. So, I admire lovely boots from afar.

  13. As I believe I have mentioned, my brother bought his wife a pair of the short F&Bs. Cue all the sisters, sighing and coveting.

  14. YAY! The boot post!

    The best place for Patagonia jackets is the Occupy Tents in downtown Boston. When they creep out of their tents for some brown rice sushi, I run in and grab a bunch!