28 November, 2011

Sunday Stacks

I had hoped to spend my Sunday leisurely perusing stacks like this...

And, this...

But, after a long weekend of holiday travel, the only stacks on my immediate horizon seem to be of the ironing...

And, to-do list nature.  Looks like I may have to call for reinforcements...

Anyone? Pilgie? Lolly? chirp chirp chirp...

Kindness of any other gluttons for Beachbody's Insanity torture in the G'wich area who'd like some early morn company for their workout misery. Seems I've also got a li'l stack of unwanted pounds accumulating that needs immediate attention. Anyone? Anyone? XXOO


  1. I used to iron all of my husband's shirts...and mine...and son's. These days I spend a lot of time contemplating sending them out to be pressed!

  2. I would be all over that Insantity torture, if only I were closer....darn the luck!

  3. instead of joining you, i'll send upbeat and positive thoughts from the comfort and safety of my bed, if that suits.

  4. Ironing can be the worst sometimes!

    P.S. We are currently doing a giveaway on our blog that you might enjoy!

  5. Poor you. Don't think you are going to get very many helpers.
    I gave my ironing board away years ago and working out early A.M. is not nearly inviting as snuggling down under the 'lectric blanket. I will say a prayer for you.