09 November, 2011

No Shoe Horn Needed

Well, last weekend's excursion to Barney's Denim Counter was a bust. Too many skin tight options and I just didn't even know where to begin. I defaulted to hanging close to my beloved J. Brand Haute Hues and queuing up which color to get next. Then I tortured Babe on the elevator ride back down with threats of bringing back the Levi 501. Now there's a jean ya don't need a shoe horn to get on...

And, just when I had started to embrace the whole 501 resurrection, a swing by Atlantic-Pacific's blog had me thrilled to find Bee still rockin' the Current/Elliot Boyfriend Jean...

You mean I can still wear this style even though it's several years old? Sold! Fat day, skinny day, who cares, those loosie goosies could hide a multitude of chocolate sins...

And, as it happens, I recently got my hot li'l mitts on last year's sold out J. Crew tartan shirt which will get me as close to Bee's pulled together look as I'll ever come...

I may even be able to fake her second boyfriend jeans ensemble a smidge...

Already have Crews black gingham shirt in the lineup so, all that's left to do is sweet talk Emma out of that charcoal rugby striped car coat of hers over Thanksgiving. Surely it's novelty has worn off after four years. Come on Em, throw a hard to find jeans that flatter an athletic badonkadunk gal a legs up to here bone...

Kindness of EAS for the head's up when J. Crew relaunched the tartan shirt that got away and Atlantic-Pacific for letting me know the boyfriend jeans wagon had circled back around. Lastly Amy, (hangs head in shame) for not being disappointed in me when Babe inevitably reports to her of my Barney's faux pas. After all her training I still asked the salesgirl if this was indeed the "jeans" bar. 'Twas NOT quite the Eliza Doolittle moment we had hoped for...XXOO  


  1. I still wear my 501s:). But for nice I recommend 7 for All Mankind.

  2. I've put my J Brand skinnies out to pasture, I can't take the lightheaded tourniquet syndrome anymore.

  3. the tartan shirt was what i wore on our wedding morning when i was getting my hair and make-up done. such a great buy!

  4. you said "jeans bar"???? quelle horreur!

  5. You should have feigned elite Bostonian! There's a fabulous shop on Newbury Street that's called the Jean Bar.

  6. I loved Atlantic Pacific's denim/tartan/coat layered looks too! Makes me excited for winter dressing...but I'm definitely still enjoying the heat wave in CT :-)

  7. love that j crew tartan shirt, fits like a glove, one of my favs. had to do a store search to grab it last year, glad they relaunched for those who missed it.

  8. I adore her blog! What a beauty she is! You should post more outfits of the day for us; you always look so gorge!! xo