11 November, 2011

Mohammad Had To Postpone Her Trip To The Mountain La Playa...

By noon today, I was supposed to be lathered up and sipping on a Coke Lite con limons while baking in the Mexican sun. But, Babe and I decided that, if we're planning to head abroad for Christmas, it was probably best I postpone my trip for now. Sooo, let the mountain la playa come to Mohammad...

 Via this gorgeous Melissa Odabash nautical Jamie dress...

And, Petit Bateau's marine blue and navy stripe tee. There. Now I feel better...

Kindness of Babe who will heed this warning from the Verbiage Police; it was, "looks like we're definitely going to try and do Europe for Christmas" pre canceling of trip and, "we're thinking of doing Europe for Christmas" post. You're thiiiiis close to being issued a MAJOR citation Sir...XXOO


  1. Oh where are you going? My favourite Christmas cities are Stockholm, London and anywhere in Bavaria.

  2. Rome! Please say you are going to Rome! Babe...we are all witness to this so you must. Love, love, love living vicariously through you all. xoxo

  3. Excellent!

    Now, go shop for boots for Europe. We, I mean, you are going to need some.

    Go ahead, we'll wait right here.......

  4. Got my J.Crew tartan blouse in the mail today. Thanks for the tip! Love it!