03 November, 2011

Ralph's Private Sale

After a lovely Sunday brunch at Versailles with Babe and Amy we all popped into Ralph's on the Avenue for a peek at his private sale. Continuing in the tradition of what Babe refers to as our cashmere "Arms Race", Amy and I beelined it to the sweater nook... 

I went into the dressing room with three, and came out with my allotted one. A Mitered V-Neck Cable Knit in navy made the difficult cut...

 While I had to leave the Slim-Fit Cables in fuchsia...

And, royal lilac behind. But, not before whispering vows to be back...

While Babe footed the bill I searched furiously for the gorgeous Darwin Silk Top in navy I had whispered the same vow to several weeks ago...

And, that's when I heard it; the Hand-Knit Blanket Coat that was whispering to me...

Apparently Babe and Amy don't speak the secret language of Blanket Coat and deemed it, not my style. Well, not only do I speak Blanket Coat but, happens I'm also fluent in not my style. Translates to, GASP! I see four figures on that price tag and how would that affect my lead in the Arms Race? respectively...

*40% off at Ralph Lauren stores and ralphrauren.com now through Monday, November 7. Receive and additional 15% off upon checkout at ralphlauren.com with the code NOV0307. Not sure how you parlay that extra discount in the stores without the actual card I received in the mail but, it's certainly worth a sob story shot...

Kindness of Babe for buying my navy v-neck thus, allowing me to grow my cashmere army. Never mind that Amy left with grey, cabernet AND Range Rover green. She may be the cashmere military super power but, I believe I have the pole position when it comes to Ralph's silks...XXOO


  1. Is there a code or something for the 40% discount? The magic isn't working for me on the cutest boots ever. Can't even get the 15% one to work (*sniffle*).

  2. Hmmm, maybe they're not a fall item? Not sure about that so if I were you, I'd call one of the stores with the style number and ask. I wondered about that cuz I noticed my cashmere sweater also didnt appear to be on sale online. Definitely call...XXOO

  3. I LOVE the Blanket Coat look...I think I would rather do that then a cape even though cape are everywhere this season. I must admit I like receiving the RL card in the mail verses an email with the coupon code! xx

    ps: You need an orange cashmere sweater to match your UVA sweatpants!

  4. Thanks for reminding me - just placed an order for hubby!

  5. I had forgotten about this, looks like i'll be taking a walk up the avenue this afternoon to take a look. I hope its not too picked over!

  6. My card said 15% off starts 11/3.

  7. Amazing how many things become 'not my style' once that pesky price tag becomes visible.

  8. Crikey! Sorry; have to say the coat is ridiculous even on the "sale" price. Really, who hand knit the thing...some poor woman in a third world country who might have made a $1 on it?

    If something is going to cost that much money, it should be useful, beautiful, and a classic investment piece. This is none of those things; it would have to be belted or held together (not practical in Greenwich winters) and can't you see it constantly hanging out the car door? Annooooying and it just doesn't look like RL.