17 November, 2011

Shark Scarf Week: The Shawl Of Kings

How lucky for me, unlucky for youknowwho, that our new neighbor and friend, Suzana, brought a suitcase full of pashtoosh and shahtoosh shawls with her from Turkey...

Shahtoosh, which literally means shawl of kings, were first hand woven for Shahs from the delicate hair of Tibetan antelope living 5000 meters up in the Himalayas. Their fur became in such high demand that the antelope are now stringently protected on the endangered species list and killing them for their wool, or buying a real pashtoosh, likened to the trafficking of drugs and highly illegal worldwide. Nevermind the criminal act, who would want to walk around draped in that karma?!

Thankfully, all of Suzana's shahtoosh and pashtoosh are made from very fine cashmere gathered from specially bred, still living to tell their tale, legal antelope. Read, all good karma. Look closely at the navy pashtoosh I started with and you can see the fine downy feathers woven throughout. Swoon...

Babe's still stuck on the started with portion of that last paragraph. Sooo many pretty colors to choose from and the truth is I WANT THEM ALL! Hmmm...maybe I should educate the Chilean born Suzana about the American lawaway plan...

Then after Babe I pay off my pashtoosh pile, I could start chipping away at thee slightly less expensive although, forgive me Ti-Babes, still softer than anything you've felt on this side of the world, shahtoosh pile...

Of course, I'll have to add a few new shawl tying tricks to my bag of for showcasing both sides of the reversible shahtoosh...

Til then, here are a couple to get you nimble...

*If anyone is seriously interested in buying a pashtoosh ($700) or shahtoosh ($500) from Suzana,, before they're gobbled up by the G'wich ladies in queue, please email me for deets at pinkandgreen@gmail.com

Kindness of Suzana for giving me first dibbies before she allowed anyone else to see them and the in depth education, which I hardly did justice. Also, my father-in-law, for not killing me when I introduce my mother-in-law to Suzana and her gorgeous wares this weekend when they visit. Between all all pashtoosh, shahtoosh and Stamford Antiquing I have planned, ya may need to pack a suitcase full of something other than clooothesss...XXOO


  1. I'm afraid I've looked forward to this today (yeah, I need to get out more) and you did not disappoint. Once again, thank you for a new "trick" for the big, shawls.

  2. I'm guessing you and Suzana will or have become fast friends! Her wares are gorgeous! I heard a little bangle jingle in this video and had to smile!

  3. I am pleasantly surprised at your sweet voice and down to earth videos! You know, as one follows your blog littered with Hermes, Ralph Lauren and other precious purchases, it is easy to assume you have a posher-than-thou voice. Thanks for bringing the cute back! A neck without a scarf is a missed opportunity :-) ps the Ti-babes are trop adorables, I have my own lil mini doxie who likes to get closely involved in my chores too.

  4. Is there a winter white or pale pearl gray one available?

  5. I haven't seen a real one. Or I did see one but I don't recognize it. This is amazing!

  6. I think we need to talk pashtoosh on Friday :)

  7. Love it! I'm so addicted to scarves and am always looking to add to my collection--such an easy way to perk up an outfit! I love the big ones and I usually wear them looped around in the "Gwynnie" style. I've been enjoying your videos and now may have to start branching out into Hermes-style silk scarves...you might be a bad influence on me ;-)


  8. I would like to second the comment from Stroods. I don't comment often but read your blog as part of my morning routine ( you're first and the best in my opinion). You and the Ti-babes are precious.