04 November, 2011

Quick Cheap Change Artist

Since Halloween has come and gone, 'twas time to redress the entrance table's holiday decor...

True to my laziness word, I kept October's look and gave it a new face by adding some scented pine cones from Whole Foods and a few pheasant feathers...

 Et, voilà! November...

The life expectancy of those pheasant feathers wholly dependent upon a couple of eyes; Babe's critical one...

And, the opening on you know who's other one post nap. Yup, that'd be the sound of a timer starting...

Kindness of Babe for taking note of my ability to recycle. Taking NOTE annnd possibly taking advantage of Ralph Lauren's current 40% off sale ooone last time. Nothing says positive reinforcement like fuschia pink or purple cashmere cable knit...XXOO


  1. Oh, how I love the look on her face! She's watching you get her new "toys" ready.

  2. Love the feathers! Very clever and I hope they last. The sweater sounds yummy, too - RL does the best cable knits. Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. A,
    Just a silly question...where does one purchase pheasant feathers? I love the look, but also worry about our 'huntress' attacking them as prey. Thanks.

    Warmly, K

  4. Kathleen, my feathers are at least 15 years old but, I think I recall buying them at a florist shop. And, I've certainly seen them numerous places since. I'd try craft stores, florists and google...XXOO

  5. GREAT sale, thanks for the tipoff. Is it my imagination, or has Ralph doubled the number of colors for guys than are on offer for gals. That "rouge heather" is a very intriguing color, ooo, so is "light grey heather" - may have to get those two from the men's department to wear myself, mmmm.



  6. EATING MY HEART OUT WITH A SPOON. LOOOOOOVE the display. Perfection. Will gladly play Apple to your GP, even if I'm named Apple.



  7. I am impressed the pheasant feathers have lasted so long with those fierce hunters of yours! Our cat went nuts over feathers.

    Your arrangement is lovely!

  8. Flo, they had a much larger range of colors for women in the store including both you mentioned...XXOO

  9. Great autumnal display! You have inspired me with the scented pinecones. At the Fresh Market up the street, those are the first things you see and smell when you walk in the door. I'm going to buy some over the weekend!

  10. I think the real danger is coming when Lolly opens her other eye! How could Babe not appreciate such
    a beautiful recycled display. After all you've gotta save for some more cashmeres to get you through that long Ct. winter!!!!!

  11. Love the pheasant feathers... Gorgeous display.

  12. Are you sure you are feeling alright? I mean "Allie von Summer is a verb" is actually embracing Autumn and shaking her tail feathers in pink and purple cashmere?Whhaaat doust one say.....is there a bikini far behind.
    One more hour to linger around this weekend.
    Whew! Clocks change....