23 September, 2011

Save The Date

Time to face the no beach music.  Yesterday was officially the last day of summer. Sob...

So, I've packed up my summer Lilly jammies...

And, unpacked my shudder winter ones...

I think it's time to seriously consider this invite to Lilly Pulitzer's 80th Birthday Brunch in Delray, Florida benefiting the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History...

And, I've got juuust the dress in mind for this li'l shindig.  The Florida sun kissed skin will be courtesy of my fashionably early by a few days arrival.  Summer Lilly jammies in tow...

Kindness of the Birthday Brunch Committee for sending the invitation my way annnd for the kind personal message about my blog.  Now, anyone there got any pull locating me that darn Seamus Multi Dripping in Jewels dress in a size 6 from last season???  XXOO


  1. droooooooling over the invite!



  2. I am thinking of hosting a "Summer" party in the midst of Winter. Years ago, my husband and I attended a party in Monaco, you had to wear a beach towel.
    Hope you will help me plan the menu. All Summer foods and drinks. I think Lilly would like it.

  3. I really do love that Fall 2011 Eryn style, super cute!

    I love FL this time of year. All of the annoying people are gone, kids are in school.... The beaches you'd have to yourself! You should go!

    And at least both sets of PJs ARE LP, bring you some cooler winter cheer, yes?


  4. Love Delray - what could be better than a town with C. Orrico and The Snappy Turtle!

  5. Since I am in south Florida, I'm not putting the Lilly away yet (though I do have an issue with open toe shoes). I'm going to the party and can't wait! Super excited and can't decide what to wear. Thank goodness I have acouple of months.

  6. It is going to be such a great party, you need to come!!

  7. Aren't you lucky to be in New England in the fall...such a gorgeous time of year!

  8. Not sure if this is the Seamus you were talking about, but its fab, and its on-sale, and its a 6!!!


  9. That dress is to die - just perfect for Lilly's birthday bash! XO