21 September, 2011

Mr. Rogers Goes Cashmere

Last weekend Babe and I hit up the Patagonia store in Westport to replace his much worn Better Sweater which he'd left in a cab/rental/black car, one of those modes of BMOC transportation, in Boston...

Annnd, since he was in a rare mood to shop for himself, we also snagged him the Araveto Fleece Pants in black...

The Cashmere quater Zip, which is the first of it's kind I've approved after many years of his attempts at getting this style...

And, the très Mr. Rogers looking Cashmere Cardigan, if Mr. Rogers cardigans had been made from some of the nicest, softest cashmere I've seen in a loooong time...

Now, in my Neighborhood of Make-Believe, not only does Mr. Rogers wear cashmere cardis but, I didn't just leave with this Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover, which will gets tons of wear in that drafty castle...

But, Trolley goes back to fetch me that R2 Vest...

And, Hi-Loft Down Sweater I was also eying. And, King Friday doesn't get mad one bit...

Kindness of Lady Elaine Fairchild for taking the heat should Trolley's package be intercepted...XXOO


  1. LOVE Patagonia. The re-tool is by far my favorite winter fleece. You will surely be getting plenty o' use out of it in the long winter to come!

  2. Just explain to Babe that Patagonia is an essential part of the New England wardrobe! Technical layers are key to surviving the winter...so really you can never have too much fleece ;-)

  3. I have a couple of the down sweater vests and I love them X a million.

    Will be picking up a few of the down sweaters this winter.

  4. Just when I thought my Patagonia ordering was over, you had to go and post this. Tsk, tsk. Now I've got to try and intercept another order too. ;) Then again, you can never have enough Patagonia fleeces, right?

  5. I have patagonia cashmere, I love it!

  6. Patagonia is wonderful , but I really loved all the MRN refs. Hadn't thought of it in years. Merci for the giggles.

  7. super hint of the day. there's a patagonia outlet in Dillon, MT. If you go to a store or see something you want online, you can call them to see if they have it (usually redic cheap), and they will send it to you.
    I just got the snap-t in yummy cocoa brown myself for $30, and the snow overalls for my son for $19!! have fun phone-shopping!

  8. Me thinks the Misses is getting Patagonia for Xmas this year:-)

  9. Looks like Babe got a speedy delivery!

  10. Love seeing the snugglies, everything looks so warm and cozy. I am a fan of Patagonia, although I still wear a 25-year-old North Face ski jacket that I refuse to part with!

    So happy to see things have calmed down, smoothed out, etc., what an insane summer it turned into!

    Sending you a smile,