16 September, 2011

Salt Therapy Needed

Babe loooves to compare me with the world's largest particle accelerator in Switzerland. Like the infamous LHC, I am capable of performing at the highest-energy intensity but, if ooooone weensie bolt, or magnet is disrupted the entire system shuts down. Just the mere threat of change to my routine and I fold like a house o' cards...

I came thiiis close to holding it together through the move but, right now this house o' cards looks more like 52 pick up. And, since there are no immediate trips to the beach planned, and I haven't worked out all week, I think my salt therapy's gonna come in the form of my 7:30pm margarita date with Amy. Mucho salt por favor! I'll save the tears for Babe. He's been expecting them...

Kindness of anyone around the new hood for not judging the half bottle of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion I have on my face every time I walk out the door. And, the Butt Police for allowing me this extended week of probation. I prooomise come Monday it's back ON the workout wagon and back OFF the Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies...XXOO


  1. Awww. We're sorry (not the royal, the bloggy). Moves are so hard on everyone. I think you've done remarkably well, at least from the looks of your kitchen. A good friend, a good margarita, and a good husband's shoulder to cry on, well, you'll be ready for Monday.

  2. Oh I am such toddler too, if my routine is altered in any way, I can't cope and tears and tantrums sit gleefully waiting in the wing.

    Yes, turn to strong drink - always,

  3. Moving is so stressful...so give yourself time to adjust and salt or sugar therapy or anything pretty and white sure is good therapy.
    Good luck to getting back on the workout wagon.

  4. Dear Alice,
    I do know how you feel. Having moved a number of times, I had to handle most of the 'move', as Jon would be at work. There always comes the breaking point when that ONE thing makes is just too much. As much as I'd try to be flexable and 'mature', I would always decompensate, thankfully near the end. I used to wish I wasn't so darn capable!!! Walking away from it all for a few days is the only way I could gather myself, again. The last time we moved I couldn't find our house when I went to the grocery store for the first time. All I remember is driving up and down the same street, crying, because I couldn't remember the name of the street I was supposed to turn on....now we laugh about it. (I have no sense of direction).

    Come back when your ready, we'll miss you. Warmly, Kathleen

  5. Moving is so hard (not that I've done it since 1994 -- but I remember and shudder!). I, too, hate having my little apple cart upset. Your salt therapy and a good pal and maaayyybeee a little housewarming gift for yourself is just what you need. Hang in there!

  6. Sometimes "holding it together" for too long is just not healthy.... I have a play list on my i-pod that will cause the water works to begin.
    Good luck with settling in. Change is never easy.

  7. You always have such a good sense of humor about things. It's nice to know that even people like you with diligent workout routines take a week off once and a while! Good luck

  8. Big kisses. High WASPs don't like change, and they are, despite their sturdiness, quite sensitive to shifts in the visual environment. Just blame it on your culture and find a chaise longue and close those curtains. A tisane is on its way.

  9. I moved in December from a house I'd lived in for 15 years, and the truck made three stops -- our house, the storage unit and my mother's house -- for things for my new home. What a mess! But I chipped away at it every day and you will, too. Before you know it, you'll love your new home.

  10. I'm so glad you're back online. I've missed your posts. I look forward to pics of the kitty-babies in their new home.


  11. Nothing a little Hermes wool throw couldn't heal, right? Best of luck in all things become routine again soon. I dig it. We were stuck without power after Irene and stayed at a (very nice) hotel for a week (woe is me). It is still having residual effects. Check out my last margarita post. I self medicated for SURE.

  12. My moving tip is to set a low, easily attainable goal each day. Maybe that goal is to only unpack and stow away two boxes but if you do it every day it will eventually get finished. It also gives you the chance to lovingly rather than hurriedly put things away. And when the whole job is done you need to give yourself a reward - perhaps something you have pinned on Pinterest!

    The glimpses you have given us of the new digs look divine. And remind yourself throughout the experience that you are as good as it gets when it comes to organization. But dangle that reward whenever needed (or the cookies beckon). *Hugs*

  13. Hate moving. Drinking is a great way to deal with change/anxiety.

  14. Relax -- your beautiful new home will await your
    special touches and talents. And the Ti-Babes will be
    ready to assist and supervise as needed.

  15. This summer when we were prepping for our move from Atlanta to, funny enough, Kansas I was a complete salt water mess. Stealing away to the beach and the tears did see me through. And then there was one afternoon when the Bestie and I consumed an entire bag of Tate's cookies we purchased at Boxwoods. I was both in heaven and sick from the over indulgence.

    I know moves are rough ... but that newly opened window will be an amazing journey!

    xoxo mpm