22 September, 2011

Hermès Take Me Away...

I've spent all day hunched over in a crawl space trying to organize storage bins on all fours and I've got another full day of it on deck for tomorrow...

I think hobbit labor like that deserves a li'l recognition.  A li'l medium size, black with gold recognition s'il vous plait...

Kindness of the weekend that can't get here soon enough.  I may even suggest a train ride into the city for something juicy at Peter Luger.  Something juicy could lead to something click-clacky...XXOO


  1. Giving birth, moving and then death, they cause so much emotion and stress. You take it easy with your OCD self and I am sure in no time you will be settled.
    The fact that you are thinking of an outing is a good sign. One that involves guilty pleasures will be a sweet reward.

  2. I say One If By Land Two If By Sea.

  3. hahha. You realllly love your Hermes! So pretty!

  4. For a brief second (before the coffee has fully kicked in, mind you) I saw the word "organize" and then the neatly displayed bracelets lined up like little rainbow soldiers, and I thought, "Good God, it's Hoarders, Hermes edition!" But then I recognized the store and breathed a sigh of relief.

    My only advice with the Clic Clacs would be to grab the color/size of your dreams when you see it in stock.

  5. Allie, I too thought you were organizing your bracelet collection and briefly thought of inviting you to help with mine- none of which
    are Hermes

  6. Ooohh, Kerry - I second that reco!

    "Hoarders, Hermes Edition" - funniest comment ever!

  7. Count me in as another reader who thought you were organizing your bracelet collection. Hahaha. Your husband can breathe a sigh of relief (for now)

    Love the "hoarders Hermes edition" comment.

  8. If you want a great steak in your new hood, try Gabriels. It's awesome!

  9. @pve and @dawn- genuinely laughing.

    Enjoy your dinner. You MUST give lessons and/or write a tome re: (how can we write this in code?) $P0U$@L M@N!PU(@T!)N. You're the best!


  10. I have that particular bracelet and cant say enough how much i ADORE it. enjoy!!!