13 September, 2011

Gwynnie Uppin' The Bikini Ante

I broke the thinking about a wee trip to Mexico as soon as November ice last night with Babe. I blame all those who have scared the New England winters bejeezus outta me...

And, Gwynnie P who's been prancing around the net in Mel O's Vienna...

And, St. Barts, both of which I must now have natch...

Both of which also require upping the Insanity workout ante big butt time...

Kindness of my Mom who will please not read of my la playa intentions this morn and launch into her daily, have you purchased your ticket yet, calls. I promise, you will be the first to know when I am Vienna and St. Barts presentable...XXOO


  1. Snow was on the ground from Thanksgiving until March during my senior year in college a wee bit north of your new abode. I was so sick of wearing boots. I do not miss Connecticut winters.

  2. Asylum?! Color me super impressed! You are totally earning that beach trip.

  3. You are too funny!!! I thought about you Labor Day weekend. I spied a Dolfin Uglies suit and it was TDF. I want one ... just to sport, not to swim. Haha!!! Happy Tuesday. Xoxo-BLC

  4. By the looks of your hot Westie bikini in the last post I think you are ready girlfriend!

  5. Best of luck with getting settled in the new place.

    So, I just got a cat. This is all new to me. I've always had big dogs. Please, please - where can I get a cool cat bed?? And, are ALL the liter boxes ugly? I don't have a basement or laundry room to hide it. Help!!

    Thanks! (a long time fan)

  6. Anonymous 2:49
    Check out this blog: http://www.moderncat.net/ which describes itself as a "resource for cat owners with a modern style". It reviews lots of new products (beds, litter boxes, toys, and more) and there are DIY projects too.

  7. Congratulations on your new addition Anon! Unfortunately, I don't have any great recs to provide. I checked and the cat bed we got for Templeton when he started having trouble getting on our bed has been discontinued. Plus, we're still using an ugly plastic litter box ourselves. I'm so used to it, I hardly notice anymore. That said, I keep that booger spic-n-span clean. And, don't use clumping litter! Bad for kitties, bad for the environment and bad for YOU cuz those tiny grains will be from one end of your house to the other.

    It looks like the site Lime Green rec'd is as good as any I've ever seen. Although, I can rec the Sleepy Pod site for travel carriers and bowls where a future purchase is on my short list. In the meantime, enjoy your new kitty and take your time blowing a fortune on a bed. YOUR bed, is YOUR's no longer :)

  8. Thank you both for the cat intel!

    Yes, Inger is already liking my bed. I'm slightly allergic, so I've got to get her off there.

    I did find this:


    Lots of shopping to do!

  9. Pffft! Good luck with that. I highly suggest daily grooming to help with your allergies. The Ti-Babes get a daily head to toe thorough brushing and twice daily face wash (eyes and ears). Really helps...XXOO