15 September, 2011

My Pet Rock

Several months ago Ali from the mid-west sent me pics of her daughters beach rock art collection...

My creative copycat light bulb immediately went off...

In desperate need of a door stop for the screen door leading up to the rooftop deck to keep the Ti-Babes from following me up and trying to horn in on my PTH's...

I lifted the first good size rock I spied. And, I mean lifted. We don't get many rocks washing up on our beaches so, when I saw a keeper by the pool of my cousin's vacation rental, I sliiiiped it into my trusty Bean tote...

Then it was off to Michael's, Babe's least fav store in the whole entire world, where I chose my acrylic paints and brushes in record time in a race against his Majesty's visceral reaction clock...

Rock, paints, brushes and Lilly pattern in hand...

It was time for Lolls and I to make like PVE...

Babe, still high off his fantasy of toppling Michael's shelves, had little tolerance for our project, especially when it infringed on time he deemed better spent playing tennis in 100° heat, and started referring to it as my pet rock...

Week after week, stroke inducing tennis match after stroke inducing tennis match of interference, we painted on...

Til tropical storm Irene became perfect storm Irene trapping us in the beach house with nary a chance of coach making us play tennis. And, I kid you not, he tried. Ever increasing 30 mph winds and a mandatory evacuation and I was the killjoy...

Through all the pet rock taunts...

Through all the, by the time you finish we'll be moving out of this beach house! we toiled away...

And, now I have my pretty from a distance door stop and the last laugh. My task is finished but yours, my darling Michael's vandalizer, has just begun...

Eight months and counting down til me and my pet rock will need a new beach house screen door...

Kindness of Ali, Gracie and Holland for sharing their beach rock art with Lolly and me. I already have my Montauk rock find queued up for next year's summer project. And, for everyone else for not pointing out the obvious. It's quite evident that my squashed dream of being a Lilly Pulitzer fit model is now keeping company with the one of my being a Lilly Pulitzer illustrator...XXOO


  1. I love it! Brava! Now I am going to find a rock and steal your idea. Of course I will be leaving my husband at home when I go to Michael's. Not his favorite either. Is it any man's?

  2. Truly you are the best! You always make me laugh! Always! I think every man HATES Michaels. Crazy story, I met a now good friend in the ribbon aisle at Michaels - ha! I am always jealous when people talk about Hobby Lobby, becasue it sounds so much nicer.
    I LOVE your pet rock! You did a great job! ETSY will be calling...xoxo

  3. You are one brave woman to let Lolly anywhere near your paints! Nice job!

  4. The hubs always wondered why I would spend any amount of time at Michaels. And love your Lilly pet rock--it so reminds me of the early 80s when we actually HAD pet rocks that we had painted. Not that we did anything productive with them once they were painted. Your doorstop idea is genius.

  5. The Michael's faux flower aisle gives me hives. I dig Babe's disdain. But go on with yo' bad self Ali. Love that you channeled PVE. Well done!

  6. Another untapped market for Lilly! Unleash your inner artist Alice! xx

  7. Not that your Pet Rock, Lilly, isn't adorable, but to spare Babe another trip to the hell that is the craft store, get a needlepoint brick cover!


  8. I agree with Patsy's suggestion. This winter when you are snowed in up to your perfectly toned insanity backside you may want to consider a brick cover!

  9. PS. Patsy...are you in the Triangle? That link is to my local store!

  10. So because of your quest for Wickles' Pickles in your post yesterday, I decided to pick some up today at my local grocery store because I see them there all the time but have never tried them. OMG I am so hooked!!! They are so good that I about ate half the jar as soon as I opened them!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!! I hope you find some!!

  11. I demand a pet rock giveaway and to win it obviously.

    Yes 47. 5 now - ancient!

  12. Babe has obviously never been in a Hobby Lobby. I know, I know; a lot of people like it but walking in there gives me the heebie jeebies. It's also depressing - so much junk in so much space.

    Michael's is SO much nicer.

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  14. @sle - no, I'm up in New England. Love the Triangle, tho!

  15. I think I could use an assistant!
    thanks for the shout out....
    love your rock!

  16. Clever! I like! Goodbye Pet rocks hello Lilly rocks!

  17. What a super fun beach rock collection!! I have quite a few large beach rocks in my house, hmmmmm..., paint or try a picture transfer. Your rock turned out great!

  18. Wow, what a collection! I LOVE the lobster one. Yours turned out great! I am bookmarking this idea. I would love to try to make my own!