29 September, 2011

In House Call

I don't know if it's due to sinuses, chocolate withdrawal or ole Maxminimus harassing me to constantly make my move on Words With Friends but, I have one wooorld class headache...

Pilgie, M.D. had me take one of my big gun Advil 800's...

And, Lolly, R.N. is sending me to my our new bed and issuing stern warnings to Maxminimus and Daddy that her patient is NOT to be disturbed by demands for Scrabble moves ooor a too loud Dave Chappelle show. Only chocolate and massage interruptions allowed pleaseee...

Kindness of my medical team for knowing when I feel bad and tending to me so well. Now, if they could learn to rub my temples we'd really be in business...XXOO


  1. Such precious and devoted caregivers. :) Feel better soon!

  2. We call our little terriers "The Disorderlies" when one of us feel ill. Oh, they mean well but they aren't the skilled caregivers you have in Pilgie and Lolly.

    The new digs are gorgeous in the glimpses we've seen. Looking forward to seeing all of the results but mostly hoping that you feel better!

  3. I feel for you.

    Neti pot, Neti pot, Neti pot. Get thee a Neti pot!

  4. Nothing better than a furry care
    giver. Lolly and Pilgie seem very intent on their duties so know you will be better soon. Now, please
    would you tell me what a Neti pot is??????

  5. Something's blooming out and about, I imagine. Ragweed? Mold spores released from this or that, something alien to your salt air orientation. I wonder if an antihistamine of one sort or another might relieve?


  6. Perhaps the chocolate withdrawl is the real culprit?

  7. Great medical team! And how quickly Lolly has grown!

    I won't be playing Words with Friends anytime in the near future. I deactivated my Facebook account in a quasi dramatic fit of pique over privacy issues. Then again, it IS Facebook. I Deleted my photos, too, so if I decide to return, I will have to reconstruct the page. I wish Zuckerberg & Co/ would leave well enough alone; then again- it is their venue.

    Feel better soon. No FB, no Words with Friends compulsion.

  8. Damn...you sent me sinusitis through the Scrabble game. No kidding. And go easy on the 800mg doses...I'm sure MisterDoctorBaby has done tole you this.

    I played ONE word yesterday against LFG for 60 points. I've gotta have something like that go down in our game our you're gonna beat me.