08 December, 2010

Jammies To Go With My Slips

Now that my new slippers have arrived, I'm feeling the need to update my jammie wardrobe. I think the neighbors and the UPS man may be tiring of seeing me in the same ole Lilly P rotation.....

I did, however, pick up these toasty flannel J. Crew bottoms at the Outlet last week for $15. When paired with any of my Petit Bateau tees I can pretend they're lounge wear when slipping into them at 4pm...

Lanz of Salzburg nightgowns were de rigueur when I was young. Buuut, since I no longer watch TV sitting on the floor inches from the screen with my knees drawn up into my gown, I think I'll graduate to this Tyrolean Stripe pajama set...

I'd feel like I was in good company donning the same pair of Owl Piggy Pajamas that Oprah and J.K. Rowling wear to bed...

And, with the code OPRAH at check out they're only $68. Pshaw, a mere pittance for the chance to play twinsies with two Forbes List women...

Wonder if that code also works on the brand's Santa Barbara Toile pj's? For those of us not yet on the list...

Ever since seeing "It's Complicated" I just knooow it's my kind of town...

My friend Kathleen told me about Elizabeth Cotton luxury pajamas waaay back in the height of summer...

But, I tucked those jamms away in my mental file for another, tanless time. Like now, when my pale skin could use some pretty Liberty of London prints coverage...

And apparently, if I wanna keep up with the the Bloggerville Joneses, I'll need to start shopping coordinating pocket squares...

Kindness of Kathleen Abercrombie for the Elizabeth Cotton find. All we need to go with our swanky new jammies is a GP chick flick, a bowl of clam dip and a bag of chips, a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough, two spoons, our needlepoint projects du jour and it'd be just like old times...XXOO


  1. Your jammy-gold chain=Thud-comment on Ole Max's tub post was maybe the highlight of the fall!!!!

  2. Who dat man wid da monkeyphone? And that girl,the last one in the photo lineup? What's her SKU? Where can I order her?

    And by the way, don't think that the Butt Police aren't on to the camouflaginated nature of baggy p.j.s

  3. One of the first things I did when we moved to London was shop for a pajama wardrobe! I don't always go whole hog, in fact many times I prefer sweats and tees to jammies when it's not cold enough, but I got a lovely selection of both jammies and coordinating cute style sweats & tees to clothe an army and I'm constantly snuggly! Love my PJS!!!

  4. Oprah's code works on all of their pj's... too bad that they are made to order and take 6-8 weeks to arrive! xx

  5. I honestly didn't know that there were Lanz options that didn't include a very high neck and little ruffles on the yoke! Those PJ's are great!

  6. I love pajamas and sleep in them every night. My mother has bought me lounge pants and tees to wear nighty-night, but I always exchange them for a lucious pair of Brooks Brothers pjs. But only cotton broadcloth for me. I'm too hot in flannel and I feel like I'm sticking to the sheets when I wear knit.

  7. Love your blog and have learned so much. Am certain I will be criticized for the following comment but will take the chance. Obviously you lead a very privileged life as is probably the case with many who read your blog. I count my blessings daily. I also realize the focus of your blog is fashion, jewelry and all of the fun aspects of living. And of course your blog should be about exactly what you want. Your content is why so many of us read it on a daily basis. But because of your privilege and your ability to touch the hearts of so many people (mine included), I would love to hear how you reach out to the less fortunate at this special time of the year. Spending money on ourselves is always fun, wonderful, exciting, etc. But, again at this time of the year would be so special to hear how your privilege touches the lives of those less fortunate. Is so easy to focus only on ourselves. Ideas from you on how to help the world at large would be wonderful!

  8. No criticism from this camp. Babe and I do try and make helping others an equal priority throughout the year. We're not alwaaays successful, for it is very easy to get caught up in the "I wants". But, we are in tune with the imbalance that can bring about in our lives and have become more practiced at recalibrating our focus. I do have a "Philanthropy" label listed under Relevence but, for the most part we tend to keep our giving private and on a very personal level that doesn't allow for public sharing. And, although in no way taken as an insult, neither Babe nor I were born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Okay, maybe I was feed with a silver spoon that I may or may not still have but, we in no way take for granted the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Merci for kindly nudging me to be a li'l more transparent and I will make a concerted effort to do so in the coming year...XXOO

  9. Ashley the Bride to BeDecember 8, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    Love all of these options, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the Santa Barbara Toile...how lovely!

    On the charity note, I recently heard of a fabulous program called Step Up for Haiti. It allows you to send new or used shoes to those in Haiti for free - simply print the prepaid postage label from their website (http://www.stepupforhaiti.com/) and send away. Great way to give back if funds are tight.

    Have a fabulous afternoon!

  10. In defense of the privileged life of this fun "escapist" blog...unless we come with a silver spoon in our mouths (mostly NOT!), then we have med school loans, law school loans or just plain grad school loans! Add to that the price of going through IVF (ugh!), owning a house and then providing a private education for our children (lacking great public schools, that is). I for one am happily finding much humor and witty support for my prep addiction and love the fun distraction from the daily cares of the world!♥♥♥ (and thanks for the discount codes along the way Alice!)

  11. In true classy form you keep your charity donations private. So, tres bien, mon amie.

    Also, does anybody wonder what the hungry and homeless do when it is NOT the holiday season? I'm just wondering. . . . .

  12. Thank you for responding to the contribution/charity request. Please PUHLEEZ know I was in no way implying that you and your hubbie are not doing your part to help those in need. In fact, I assumed just the opposite. With your resources I assumed you are first in line to help those in need. I simply wanted your thoughts on charitable contributions at this time of the year. No what you and Babe do on a private/personal level but charities you may feel strongly about. Just like Ashley did with giving info.on donating shoes to Haiti. I love your blog EXACTLY as it is, and as I have said, have learned a great deal at my ripe ol' age of nearly 60. Just thought it may be insightful to share info. with one another on a different level during the holiday season. My husband and I adopt a family every year (we will have dinner with them this Friday to deliver our gifts.) We give to a number of programs in our church. We also have contributed to Heifer International for years in addition to other contributions. So many wonderful organizations out there to fill the many very real needs of so many people. I also totally understand how easy it is to get caught up in the "I want" attitude - I deal with it daily.

  13. Dear Allie, you might want to check out Needham Lane for some bee-you-ti-ful pjs, aaannnnddd (as you might say), the company is making a contribution to the Alzheimer's Assoc. for each pj purchase this month. Happy browsing!

  14. I die. The Santa Barbara Toile is beyond awesome, oh my! Love almost *all* of them, but that toile is amazing. Sigh.

    Love the post Miss Summer!