16 December, 2010

Stocking Series: Ye Ole Maxminimus

I tease Maxminimus an awful lot but, he truly is one of this blogs best buds. Besides, I maaay or may not secretly revel in being the li'l sister to the BMOC. Thank goodness li'l sisters don't have to spring for the stockings of big brother's with this these tastes!

The Great Gatsby: First Edition, first printing, with the impossible to find original dust jacket. But that’s only HALF of it!

It’s inscribed to Tommy Hitchcock, WWI hero, South Carolina born Polo great and whose persona and swagger was used loosely to characterize Gatsby nemesis Tom Buchanan. A bargain at…US$ 750,000.00

1976 Farrah Fawcett Poster. This poster sold almost 12 million copies but there was one little boy who didn’t have one. That would be me. My mama wouldn’t let me have one because, as LFG would say, her “niblets” are showing...$10.00

The key to a 1987 Mercedes 560SL
The SL body design went “Disco” in 1990. The last year they looked nice was 1989 and with a V-8 engine, these little babies can climb a tree if you axk it nicely...
A 560SL in good condition: $15,000.00-$20,000.00

My company sponsors one terminally ill child each year through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. These terminally ill children get the opportunity to realize their lifelong dream, often amid circumstances that assure that they won’t have too many opportunities for anything else—dream or reality. So my fantasy charity would be one that would negate the need for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My charity (you said it could be a fantasy) would be one that would successfully eradicate terminal illnesses in those most vulnerable…our children.

Now, as architect of this blog, I have the authority to slip a couple of items into the stocking of my guest. And, I just happen to know that Maxminimus has been dying for another Wiley Brothers Hoof Pick belt. He'll do anything for a cheap groping at airport security...

Rolled up together, and tied with a blackwatch plaid ribbon, is the above pattern and 18" mesh canvas for making his coveted Masonic needlepoint slippers. Hanging from the ribbon is a cellophane bag containing all the Trio thread needed and a note, from moi, promising to do all the needlework...

Kindness of Maxminimus for putting his post together at the eleventh hour when I know he was quite busy at work making the dough to fund his Belgian Empire. Now, whatcha plan gettin your favorite sister for Christmas Bub? XXOO


  1. I never knew that the Gatsby character Tom Buchanan was based on Tommy Hitchcock. Wow.
    Hopefully, Maxminimus has been good this year and Santa will come through for him.

  2. The stitching alone would seem to be worth a little someth'n, someth'n in an orange box doncha think?

  3. Received this jewelry catalog and immediately thought of you. It is A.G.A. Correa & Son of Edgecomb, Maine. or www.agacorrea.com. Very tasteful, very preppy. Heavy on nautical themes. But what really made me think of you were the diamond astological/constellation jewelry. Blew my mind. never saw before ever. I would have done a lot better in astronomy if I had these diamond models to guide me. Enjoy Paris. On wardrobe think neutral,sleek coat/jacket with yummy scarf, great gloves and shoes.


  4. The Andre Assous espadrille is back, but not as cute as my mom's in the 70's and 80's.


  5. I'm sending YOU a gift that you can return after a few weeks....LFG is gonna stay with you for a while. You both will benefit greatly from each other. And I'll probably wrap up a little something for you to boot!


  6. Of course you are related! I should have picked that up ages ago :)

  7. all I want for christmas- to find out I'm related to hitchcock, how cool would that be?! totally NYT WoW worthy fodder!



  8. You know Tommy Hitchcock was from MY town... In our day, we were the polo capital of the country. Beautiful place to call home.