20 December, 2010

Stocking Series: Love List Jessica

I think next year I just may knock out myself as the middle man and ask Santa to consult with Jessica from The Love List on what needs to be under my tree...

For stuffing a chic little stocking, I'd definitely take care to include these très cute Ikat Mini Bowls from Anthropologie. I have a few in my studio for holding paperclips and business cards, but they could be used in a kitchen as little dip bowls or on the nightstand to hold jewelry. For only $8.00 a pop, you can afford a set for yourself and a friend...

If you're looking to get a bit more spendy, may I suggest a Harry Allen Piggy Bank? Aside from the fact that they are super chic, I love that they can be gifted just as easily to your favorite penny pincher, foodie friend (it's cast from a suckling pig, after all), or interiors aesthete. I picked one up at Calypso in Palm Beach this past summer and the compliments just keep coming!

If the sky's the limit, I'd ask Santa to tuck a certificate of ownership for a gallery-size work by John Currin, Damien Hirst, or Cecily Brown in my stocking. Something I can decorate around, be inspired by, and pass onto my children. I'm a lifetime fan of all three artists, so I'll let Santa surprise me, since he's being so generous...

If my pockets had no bottom, I'd pour my funds into honest, independent animal rescues like my friend Carole's in Palm Beach County. This year alone, she rescued half the neglected lab puppies used and then discarded for the movie Marley & Me. The work these people do can be so thankless and tough that I'd like to see it get some more lovin' from our collective pocketbooks...

ps...This 9 month old male long haired dachshund Peanut happens to be available for adoption right now!

Well, besides finding that love bug Peanut a good home, I'd like to smuggle a few more treaties into Ms. Jessica's stocking. And, I would've splurged for the Vie Luxe St. Moritz Three Wick candle but, since it's sold out all over creation I'll have to settle for the Deluxe size...

Tiffany's sterling Monkey Straw for stylishly sipping the case of Veuve Clicquot piccolos I also managed to slip under your tree...

And, the only Cecily Brown within my current budget, her Carnival And Lent puzzle. No insurance required...

Kindness of Love List Jessica for not only providing me with a fabulous stocking list but, for also doing it in record time. Good taste, efficiency annnd an animal soul? Now, THAT's a girl after my own heart...XXOO


  1. Great list! Love the little bowl and the ideas for its use!!!How cute is tht straw and you spoke to my heart Veuve Clicquot!!! xo HHL

  2. love the ikat bowl- Jessica-somehow I always associate you with pink and white ikat!


  3. oh! that puppy is so adorable! I would wrap him up and take him home if I could.

  4. Damien Hirst! Yuk - I'm so sad to him on here! What can I say; he's controversial and I'm in the Robert Hughes camp. That said, I'm still a fan of both of you! Cheers!

  5. Thanks a ton A. I'd die to have any one of your virtual stocking stuffers! A 200.00 monkey straw, who knew! xx

  6. Dear Alice- I would not post a link for a rescue in Palm Beach County had you not mentioned your friend Carole's rescue.

    There is urgency in the matter so forgive me.


    ~anonymous in Boca

  7. LOVE the bowls! and the straws have been on my wedding registry ... : )