06 December, 2010

Hermès Placebo Effect

It was one of those good news, bad news kind of weekends. The bad news was that I may have blown out my Achilles running 11 miles Saturday morning...

Buuut, the good news was that Babe suggested we swing by Hermès while in DC and get a new scarf to go with my red velvet Belgians...

I don't know which worked faster, 800 mg of Advil or the offer...

But, I had that T. Anthony packed and my lame self in the car faster than you could say gimpy...

There is nuthin a li'l orange box can't cure...

But, just to be on the safe side Dr. Babe dispensed some medical advice before boarding his train on Sunday. "Make sure you R.I.C.E. Babe. Rest, ice, compression, elevation..."

Compression? You mean, like wrapped tightly with something? Youuu betchaaa!!!

Wonder if any of my How to Wear Your Hermès Scarf books has a compression knot?

Kindness of Babe for being so thoughtful and generous with me all the time. And, for Pilgie who will kindly remove his handsome self from my new scarf so I can wrap my foot...XXOO


  1. Jealous of your new Belgians and the luscious scarf but a huge Oh No! to any injuries!

  2. Now...THAT is just what the doctor ordered! :-) Feel better soon! XOXO

  3. Hope your ankle is better... Perhaps you can write the book on The Hermes Scarf as First Aid Wrap... ace bandage, sling, tourniquet... ;)

  4. Red Belgians and a gorgeous Hermes, Wow! I'm suffering a torn meniscus and sure wish I had a "Babe" to produce an orange box.
    BTW I used a Hermes scarf as a sling once after getting mugged in London. Cheers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Ahhhh that is too funny! You are so right... nothing an orange box can't cure! Hope you feel better! xoxo

  6. I think I may be willing to suffer an injury for an Hermes gift! xx

  7. oh no! I hope your injury doesn't screw up your training schedule :-(

    a most beautiful get well prize, though!

  8. Eek, that is such a painful injury, I hope you are taking care of it. But I must applaud your steadfast determination to continue helping the economy hobble back on its feet. (Heh,heh,heh.)

    Please be kind and gentle with yourself (and if you can't, be a good shopper!) Miss Allie.

    Sending you a smile,

  9. Here's hoping you are feeling much better! Hermes might be just the PERFECT medicine... ;)

  10. What is it about Cats and new stuff??? I don't know, but I like to think that cats just simply have great taste!

  11. Oh, Good, Good Babe! Nothin' like a new Hermes scarf to dull the pain...

  12. With delicious medicine like that how can you not have a speedy recovery?!

  13. Would love for you to do a post on the cute ways you wear your Hermes. Whenever I wear mine, I think I look like an old lady (and I'm sure you don't!)
    Enjoy the new scarf and shoes!

  14. So sorry to hear about your injury. Is it going to impact your trip to Paris?

    Could you explain something? I "get" that Hermes scarves are works of art, they are time consuming to make, etc. but how do they really compare to others of comparable expense? When you (hopefully I) buy one, are you paying for the workmanship, the history, the potential future value, what? In other words, when my husband asks why all silk scarves don't feel the same, what would be a good reply that makes sense to a man? Any thoughts from you and your readers would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and does the DC store carry the full line of scarves?

    Thanks and hope you feel better soon.

  15. Well, the only other scarves I own of comparable expense are Gucci and, as lovely as they are, they don't quite hold a candle to my Hermès. There is definately a tangible quality the Hermès scarves have over others. In laywoman's words, they're not as flimsy so they stand up(hold their fold) on your neck waaay better. If that arguement doesn't work, just tell your hubs that the Hermès scarf has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that makes it superior to the others. And, yes, the Tyson's Hermes is nicely stocked and there is also a compact selection at the Neiman's in Bethesda...XXOO

  16. daaaa-roooooolling over the scarf- way to go Babe! only you would let the kitties frolic in the scarf- love it :)



  17. ouch, re your injury. Hope you recover quickly.

    New Belgians AND a Hermès scarf? Lucky girl.