10 December, 2010

ReShod For Paris

Welp, although all the pretty flats I suggested could stand up to a day of shop til ya drop, apparently they would not keep my Paris piggies warm and dry. Merci to Ashley in London for cluing me in this morning annnd for letting me know there would be no boo hissing from the locals if I broke out the ole UGG's..

Alice, If your are coming to Paris for the holidays it's entirely possible you'll freeze to death in flats! And yes, UGG's would be fine. There's a sort of unfashionable fashion in Paris which, is basically trying not to look put together while, looking put together at the same time. Similar to London's Sloane Rangers, the BCBG's of Paris would be champions of UGG's and messy ponytails (kind of like preps but, more European). If you really want to fit in, take a cue from Charlotte Gainsbourg (the ultimate Queen of BCBG) and her sister Lou Doillon (both daughters of Jane Birkin) as they seem to be the poster children for Parisian style...

I have the UGG Classic Cardy's and they are all the rage here in London. They're prettier than classic UGG's but, just as warm. Otherwise, I'd say motorcycle boots, booties or riding boots are going to be seen quite a bit in Paris. Also, you can never go wrong with a great pair of Wellies when you're walking around if it's wet. Not to say that you won't see loads of girls in flats and pumps but, they'll be freezing and totally used to it.

Best of luck!

It's back to the drawing board for moi Ashley! I have the bff Kimba bringing her UGG Classic Cardy's to Kiawah this weekend for me to check out and, it also looks like either my Blundstone 500's...

Or, my Blundstone Rigger Crazy Horse's will be making their Paris debut...

I also managed to find a couple pairs of the La Canadienne's that seemed to be très popular among the masses...

Yessireee, a couple of beauts to be filed away for future consideration...

Along with these Aigle Chantebelle boots in shearling that have BCBG written allll over them...

But, for now, I think I'll just pack my li'l Blundstones prefering to funnel any additional funds towards the T.Anthony Stowaway Duffle or 29" Wheeled Packing Case. How else am I gonna cart back all the loot I'm fantasizing of?

Kindness of Ashley Turner for steering me in the right direction. Althooo, I guess it wouldn't have been SO bad if I found myself in Paris in desperate need of a new pair of boots. I can assure you, the whining and crying would eventually wear him down...XXOO


  1. Alice you're spot on! Wear any of these boots and don't brush your hair and you'll fit in for sure! Glad the comments were useful and get ready to be in love with the Classic Cardi UGGS! Tres chic choices above darling and here's to a fabulous times in Paris!!! xx

  2. Alice - love this boot conversation as they are on my mind as well. Under my tree I will find the dubarry kildaire in walnut, which comes highly recommended for comfort and warmth. And as a bonus is able to withstand dirty winter slushy city streets. Wish the came in black ... but that leaves thevwindow open for another find. Btw - I have the grey cable uggs you showed today (no surprise again) and live in them EXCEPT in bad weather. Xo. Meg

  3. You are staying at kiawah island in sc this weekend? I live in downtown charleston! Kiawah is gorgeous!

  4. Dubarry boots are fabulous! Comfortable, warm, waterproof. I wouldn't have suggested them because I didn't know about wearing Uggs in Paris. But if Uggs are ok, the Dubarry boots would be fine. And besides, who wants to wear what everyone else is wearing?

  5. Alice,

    Can you do a blog about how to not gain 10 pounds this month? Any tips, other than running 11 miles? THANKS!!!

  6. That red T. Anthony is to die for, and I actually dig the sweatery Ugg's. Well done yet again! Well done!

  7. You'll never be sorry with the La Canadiennes or the Aigles.

    I'm sure the Uggs are um, warm! ;-)

    This is very fun!

  8. Big foot here, would need to pack the shoes as le petite parisienne's would gasp at my size....My Mother always told me that for my stature, a size 6 would look all wrong.
    Good luck looking pulled together in a nonchalant Paris way...maybe no deodarant and no shower will help. tee hee. I love my French people....and french cheese...

  9. Glad to know my Uggs will not be too ugly American for the Paris streets. Enjoy your trip!

  10. http://images.colehaan.com/is/image/ColeHaanEComm/PDP_J/Air-Chatham-OTK-Boot-D32504_A.jpg

    This is the best boot-warm, comfortable, and you can also fold it down to reveal a chic herringbone pattern. Also very reasonable.

  11. Sorry, I meant to include a link to Cole Haan. If you click on the other color, there's a photo of the boot folded over. :)


  12. This just in! Bloch shoes majorly on sale on Swirl by Daily Candy!

  13. Here are the perfect boots for walking around Paris: COLE HAAN AIR EVAN SHORT BOOT, also on sale at Zappos. Add dr. scholls inserts, wear warm socks, and you're set. I would not wear Uggs in Paris -- they're terribly uncomfortable for walking as the have zero arch support, and if you get them wet, you'll feel terribly unchic. Also, I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, but no one by Charlotte Gainsbourg can pull that look off. Just plan on dark denim, black turtleneck, minimal jewelry, comfortable, but chic boots, a great coat and shoulder bag, and of course, a scarf and you'll look great. I wear this outfit and get asked for directions in Paris -- and I'm from Seattle! Have fun!

  14. Any suggestions on coats? I have been looking for chic down options. What would the best way to go? Thanks!

  15. Oooooh, pretties, each and every pair! The La Canadiennes look particularly smart, and perfect for the snow we're getting today!

    Hope you have a fab, fab trip!

  16. We will be in France for Christmas too!

  17. Damn. Are y'all gonna have a chase plane behind you...toting all the luggage?

  18. Love all the boots. I wanted to check out the details to the Crazy Horse but the link directs me to a paper Hermes bracelet. Cute bracelet though.
    The Galo boots aren't bad either. Love!