21 December, 2010

Stocking Series: Southern Gent

Remember having that one friend who got all the best loot on Christmas and being at their front door as soon as it was socially acceptable to play? Well, Southern Gent sooo would've been that friend for me...

Dixie Patches Oyster Cracker Cuff Links: The briny liquor of the oyster, the spicy cocktail sauce, the tart squeeze of lemon on a salty cracker is a taste that always reminds me of New Orleans wherever I am. So for those months without an “r” in them, this is the perfect visual reminder of a culinary taste of home...

Big Buck Hunter Video Game: This doesn’t require a game console and hooks directly into the TV, so while the box may not fit into my stocking, I’m sure it will bring a smile to my face to see the orange and green of the shotguns sticking out the top on Christmas morning...

Monogrammed Tervis Tumbler: I need another Tervis like I need another hole in my head, but I can’t help but think how festive it would be to have one with a red monogram, filled with ice, eggnog and a generous shot or two of bourbon during the Christmas season...

1959 Land Rover Series II Model 109: We are dreaming right? Well, as long as we are, y’all can throw the key to this rig right into the bottom of the stocking my grandmother knitted for me years ago. It makes sense; they are both old (I’m talking about the stocking and Rover, not my grandmother), classic in design and will last a lifetime if cared for properly...

Students First: Living in Washington, DC I’ve had the unique opportunity to see the positive and sometimes controversial impact of Michelle Rhee’s vision for education reform and what it can do to improve our school system. DC’s loss of Rhee as chancellor is everyone’s gain since she has launched “Students First”; a non-profit organization whose mission is focus on education reform that makes the tough decisions so that America’s children can get a world class education through the public school system.
Education is the greatest gift we can give our children and through Rhee’s program you can support reform that is making a difference...

Here's where I slip in after Santa, hang a needlepoint camo stocking next to the one Southern Gent's grandmother knitted for him, stuff a few goodies in myself like these Col. Littleton embossed Leather Can Caddies and, then sneak in a right quick game of Big Buck Hunter...

A li'l Ed's Red Hot Sauce condiment to go with those cuff links annnd the bushel of Chincoteague oysters I left at his back door...

And, The Cordial Churchman's Velvet Freestyle Bow Tie for donning Christmas morn. No one's gonna hassle a velvet bow tie wearing, orange plastic shot gun toting, Country Prep no matter how many shots of bourbon he decides to put in his eggnog...

Then, in a très Grinch like move, I carefully re wrap the Big Buck Hunter game, tuck the Shot Gun Shell light set Southern Gent had strung across his mantel into my sack for myself and skedaddle...

Kindness of Southern Gent who who will forgive my rudeness for knocking on his door bright and early Christmas morning asking if he wants to play...XXOO


  1. Brilliant! Please make sure Santa delivers this to my house times three!

  2. Darn, wish I had seen this list earlier in the season. Some of these items would be perfect for Hubby (although, the newbie hunter he is, he already has the shotgun video game). Love the leather beer cozies and that Land Rover would the ultimate gift for me, I mean, Hubby. :)

  3. I just saw the monkey straw! Need!!! Shame we dont have VC picolos here :O( Just Henkel ones...but still...how chic would I look!

  4. This cracker's gotta have the oyster cracker cufflinks

  5. aw, i think i just fell in love..........again
    lol :) ew

  6. The restored Land Rover was on my list last year too but unfortunately Santa didn't deliver...there is always this year! JCW's shotgun shell lights will remain in the closet for yet another year! xx

  7. Now, how do I turn this wish list into the real deal...I'll be reporting back post 12.25.2010.

  8. Love the cufflinks! Up north we get to eat oysters all year 'round, so this northern gal may need her own pair.

  9. Santa brought my son the shotgun game last Christmas. His Daddy and I have used it more than he has. It is some serious fun!

  10. Is it really possible to have too many Tervis tumblers? We'll take almost one of everything, except the Consort wants two of the lights!

    You have done an amazing job with all of these Miss Summer, each and every one has been a delight. Thank you for sharing such fun things!

  11. Love this list! So wish I had seen it earlier...my life would have been much less complicated.