15 December, 2010

Stocking Series: Moi

I've asked a few of the usual suspects and taste makers around the hood to dream up a several items they'd like to see stuffed in their stockings come Christmas morn. And, I've decided to kick the series off with my own li'l Pierre Deux stocking wish list...

If I had Cooks Illustrated's highly recommended Cooper-Atkins 24HP Oven Thermometer then, just maaaybe I'd be able to hang up my alchemist apron and cook in this beach house oven without everything ending in ruin...

I have received one too many emails warning me of the frigid Paris weather this time of year so I have ditched my campaign to build a chic travel wardrobe and have relaunched one centered around warmth. Out with the bespoke blazers and in with Patagonia's Midweight Ski Socks for under my Blundstones...

Better throw in a pair of the Ultra Heavyweights too. If these babies were able to keep my piggies warm on the slopes of Mont Tremblant, then the Rues of Paris should be a piece of cake...

I'd like Daniel Tammet's Embracing The Wide Sky on CD so that Babe and I may listen to it together in the car. Aaactuallyyy...what I'd really like is to be able to download it on a brand new iPad to have for our looming travel...

I add an ornament or two to my collection every Christmas and this year I'd like either MacKenzie-Child's Fox glass ornament...

Or the Courtly Check Owl...

As my twitter friend @girltuesday so eloquently put it, I hope that orange pony's pulling Santa's sleigh again this year! Annnd, I hope he's packed an Hermès Cape Cod Double-tour Watch in his sack...

But, nothing would make me happier than finding a receipt tucked into my stocking from Urban Promise for each and every item on their Alternative Christmas Wish List...

Kindness of Santa Babe who is having his gift giving deadline extended into our holiday abroad. But, if the mood happens to strike ya while in the Tokyo airport next week, please don't let me dictate your timeline...XXOO


  1. Purchased the fox ornament thanks to you. We've been having a number of fox sightings in our neighborhood and we've named them 'Clooney' (because of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'), 'Kristofferson' and 'Ash' (also because of that movie). Only seems right to have such a dapper guy on our tree.

  2. We have a subscription to Cooks Illustrated...isn't it the best! xx

  3. Hmmm that Fox ornament would be IDEAL for my GFs who ride at Foxfield, hunt, or went to Sweet Briar!!!


  4. Alice! I'm headed to Mont Tremblant for the holiday with Alex... I see you've been. Any suggestions for keeping warm? I'm afraid my fashion sense will leave me freezing! Also, what does one wear for New Year's Eve there??

  5. Ohhh Lauren, you think you've felt cold before but, trust me, Mont Tremblant gives a whooole new meaning to the word. I'll email you with the deets. Anyone else headed there, I suggest calling the experts at Patagonia and they will hook you up with all the perfect gear for that is exactly what I did...XXOO

  6. A, you are mentioned over at SIA today - a little something about those LP Elsa tops! :-) XOXO

  7. Allie - I thought you liked lions the most?

  8. love the ornaments... have been coveting that watch for as long as I can remember... will perhaps covet for the rest of my days... sigh... ;)