28 March, 2012

Bandito Haul

I made out like a bandito in Mexico!

I hauled back a pale pink freshwater pearl necklace that can be worn as a single, double or triple strand...

A couple of fun summer bracelets...

Long, beaded tassel necklaces, with a muchos gracias nod to Gwynnie and her ruby version oh so many Oscars ago...

A hand embroidered, long dress which I had them shorten to above the knee for me...

A hand embroidered blouse...

Annnd, a custom painted, just por mi, tortilla warmer and condiments serving dish, neither of which Leels could squeeze herself into like last time and the time before. Although, sheee triiieeed...

After that bitter disappointment, we reassessed the situation...

 Maybe it was meant for her to eat out of?

 Maybe it was for her to play the shell game with her treat?

Or, maybe she should let Mummy know she was hurt with her obvious oversight in the travel gift department and make her promise to bring back a platter big enough for a growing li'l girl next year...

*Btw, all that fabulous loot...somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 pesos. Which, converts to less than 300 buckeroos. Which, converts to dirt cheap. Which, converts to Babe breathing a sigh of relief. La Cucarachaaa...la cucurachaaa...ya no puede caminarrr...porque le falta, porque no tieneee...marihuana pa' fumarrrr...

Kindness of everyone for not pointing out the tan/no tan stripes on my neck. Shameful amateur mistake having my head buried in books and needlework the majority of pth's. Alsooo...for understanding my need to go down to 3 posts/week seeing that Babe is now home weeknights. And, NOT so I can spend more time on Pinterest AT ALL. No way José...XXOO


  1. I love the myriad of hues in your Mexican loot, great haul. I really need to embrace this colour thing.

  2. Nice bowls!!! Could you import them? The condiment server is especially covetable . Jon says 'thanks' for the Lolly photo's.....he's always available for 'cat-sitting' duties.

    See you next week, Kathleen

  3. I love the pearl necklace and dress. What books did you read? I just got an iPad and need some new reading material. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't read many books lately, but most of my free time is spent shootin' or stitchin'.

  4. I seeeriously doubt anyone imports seeing as any of them hardly speak a lick of English. The place I buy from is a little hut where they are sitting around painting and shalacking away. It was quite a task conveying the design and color scheme I wanted for my tortilla warmer. Ya may need to take a trip.

    And, I read Come to the Edge, The Devil's Casino, South of Broad and part of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. All fab with the exception of the last one which starts slow and reads more like an educational book but, very interesting. But, hey, nuthin' wrong w/shooting and stitching! XXOO

  5. Love all your purchases but the embroidery on the dress is telling me I need to take a trip to Mexico.
    I have one about 10 years with a lot less embroidery but I wear it all the time in the summer. Wishing you and Babe and the Ti's
    a happy summer.

  6. Fabulous finds - you may need to take pre-orders next trips for your loyal followers. LOVE and NEED the embroidered dress and blouse!

    Welcome home!

  7. You scored! The dress and necklace are my fav

  8. Noooooooo! 3 days a week?! What am I going to drool over the rest of the week?
    So sad, but good for you!

  9. I am in LOVE with the dress! My dad brought them back from Mexico for us, when we were leetle banditos, and I've coveted one ever since. Let the search begin!

  10. Whoa. You really scored! Gorgeous stuff!

  11. Oh but YAY Babe is home week nights. That is a BIG development and a wonderfully good thing. Happy happy for you!

    And the loot is gorgeous, but duh, isn't it always? It's your good taste.


  12. those tassel beaded necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. perfect with a plain white t!

    great blog :) so glad I came across it! looking forward to more posts!

    XO Tori

  13. Thanks for the new version of the Cucaracha song! I don't think I've ever heard that one :o)

  14. love the condiment tray. Almost as much as Lolly does.

  15. i absolutely love those beaded necklaces! me thinks a trip to mexico might be in order.

  16. The tassel necklaces are BRILLIANT!!!!

  17. Hi I was wondering where is the gold necklace that you have on with the pearls from, looking for something similar.


  18. It's Elsa Peretti's "a" pendant for Tiffany...XXOO

  19. Thank you for the books! I downloaded South of Broad and borrowed Come to the Edge from the library (had no idea you could do that!).

    I also downloaded Isabel Gillies' most recent, A Year and Six Seconds. I loved Happens Every Day and knew this would be good too. I was wrong. It was EXCELLENT! I just finished it, in less than two days, and I'm sad it's over. If you read her first book you have to try this one. Have a great weekend! xo xo