05 April, 2011

Blenko, UP!

I'm like a gastric bypass patient who winds up an alcoholic cuz they swapped food for booze. Gave up shopping for Lent, and now my virtual self's turned into an out of control shopaholic...

My parents just closed out their season in Ixtapa and generously tracked down, purchased, and arrived stateside with theee hand painted wooden bowl that nearly got away...

But, all I can think about is how I now need a couple of those striking Blenko Water Bottles Joanie always entertains with to go with my Mexican swag...

I'm leaning towards the Original Water Bottle in Ocean Blue, natch...

And, Spring Green to kick off my collection...

Then, all I'd need to do to be hostess ready for summer, is reclaim my swanky new bowl from li'l Miss Lollylocks. Two hours later, and she is still fast asleep in that thing. One limp leg hanging over the side...

Kindness of my parents for stuffing my bowl in their suitcase for the long journey home. This worked out MUCH better for me who would've ended up carrying it on my head like a villager headed to the well as I was already juggling two other bowls and a large platter as carry on. Also, Joanie DiNardo, the ultimate hostess with the mostess, for the fabulous Blenko find...XXOO


  1. you're courageous giving up shopping for lent : when it will be ending ?

  2. awwww....that's love! What are parents for? LOL

  3. Nothing prettier in the spring than filling blue and green Blenkos with daffodils, dogwood, and later, peonies. I buy at least two every year because I'm so afraid Blenko will go under like so many other American companies.

  4. Those bottles are beautiful - a must have for my Easter table!

    And, as a side question... could you please ID the cookbook behind the first pic of the blue bowl? Because that burger is calling my name!


  5. It's Gwynnie's new cookbook! And, 'tis faaab...XXOO

  6. I love those water bottles! One of the first things I bought for our flat when we moved to London was a cute European style water bottle and I think now you've inspired me to buy it some new friends! hahaha

  7. haha, you're too funny! i've had "DON'T SHOP!!!" written in big letters on my mirror for like 2 months now...needless to say, i have failed!

  8. LOVE the bowl. I'm also in a No Shopping mode for Lent. :-\