26 March, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma!

Birthday season officially kicks off this Month in my family...

And, today belongs to Emma...

Miss didn't use to be but, now is hard to buy for turned up her nose at a pink, fresh water pearl necklace, a hand painted chip bowl or a molcajete from Mexico so, I threw in the thoughtful towel and went with a just plain practical lululemon Adjust Me Bra in lavender dusk...

Can I tell you how outrageously comfy this sports bra is?

Let's just say, it's Happy Birthday Emma and Alice...

Kindness of everyone for patiently awaiting my return from sun roasting hiatus. I'm a smidge outta whack after flying out right smack at the moment we sprung the clocks forward, landing in a Central time zone where they DON'T observe Daylight Savings this early, then flying back to a Central time zone where they DO observe for a night then back to the East Coast the next morn where I got to go through the pain of losing that hour all over again. It went, minus an hour, plus two hours, minus an hour, minus an hour. And, to make it even more confusing, the hotel room in St. Louis hadn't adjusted the alarm clock to reflect the time change. I had to move so fast to make my flight that I left half my tan in my wake...XXOO 


  1. What a wonderfully "supportive" Auntie you are.
    Let's hear it for the girls....and for you making a stellar take off. Tan or no tan, you deserve an award.

  2. Welcome back! What a gorgeous birthday card!!!
    Where did you find this Bernard Maisner delight?

  3. I love my Lululemon pieces so much. Seriously do not know how I lived and worked out without them before. Happy birthday from a very sweet Aunt, Uncle, and fur kiddies (kitties?)!

  4. ugh. i feel your pain. i flew back from the uk the day the time changed and was so out of whack for days. i am sure you came home with a great tan.

  5. There is a Lululemon coming next door to where I work. I am in serious trouble.... :)

    Happy B-day, Emmma!

  6. Happy Birthday Emma and ALICE. :)
    Welcome back.