08 March, 2012

Pirate's Booty

Since this is my last post before I head to Mexico for two weeks, I thought I'd leave y'all with my looting booty from recent raids around the blogging hood. Hopefully, it's enough to keep you and your wallet occupied til I return on the 26th...

This gooorgeous Helga Wagner of Palm Beach necklace, not to mention several other baubles, trounced upon at Necessary & Proper...

I need another iPhone cover like I need a hole in the head but, when The Enchanted Home posted these beauts by The Pink Pagoda I thought, eh, what's one more?

And, as luck would have it, Mel recently gave Ghost Armor her much revered nod of approval completing my mobile makeover...

There's thee lone David Webbesque Rachel Leigh enamel link bracelet for the fastest girl on her Shopafrolic toes..

And, lastly, it was pay dirt time when I swung by Tickled Pink and Green for some laughs and found preppy novel du jour, The Starboard Sea...

ANNND...the trailer for Whit Stillman's new movie Damsels in Distress. Perfectly timed to open upon my return. Can not WAIT to be the tannest one in the theater!

Kindness of everyone I robbed around the hood for helping me to go out with a bang. And, Babe, for holding down the fort, fur ball throw up and all, while I bask on la playa drinking my Coke Lite con tres limones y una popote...XXOO


  1. Have a fantabulous trip to Mexico! I may or may not have had me one BIG old bite of a peanut buttter and jealous sandwich at the "tannest one in the theater," comment! *GuLp* My tan~a~rexia just flared up in a HUGE way...HUGE!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  2. Mexico for two weeks??? Lucky you! Enjoy....this is such a great post full of beauty and fun. Thanks for the mention also. Heard about The Darlings so ordered it but not about The Starboard Sea, l like the cover so thats good enough for me:) Ordering it too. Love the enameled bracelets and you know how I feel about the iPhone covers:) Safe travels! Enjoy!

  3. I'm reading The Darlings too...I haven't gotten very far (who has time to read?) but so far, so good!

    have fun!

  4. Alice,
    Champagne wishes and cavier dreams....be safeand show everyone how a white bikini should look.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  5. Have a fun and realxing vacation!

  6. I have ADORED Adam Brody since Gilmore Girls and then The O.C. days so this new movie looks amazing. Having my favorite deadpan girl from Parks & Recreation as well as the awkward dork from The Office definite makes me look forward to this movie - fun!

    Also, the books look great, I already ordered The Darlings a bit ago but had not seen the other one before!

    Have fun in Mexico.


  7. Have always been a big fan of Whit Stillman, looking forward in seeing his latest film!
    Speaking of books have read this one it might be of interest: Fairy Tale Interrupted: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss?
    Will share your book selections with my wife!

  8. It's packed for Mexico along with Come to the Edge by John John's ex, Christina Haag :)

  9. ooohh, have sooo much fun in the sun on la playa!

  10. gorgeous necklace!!! have a fabulous time eeeek

  11. Hi there, I know you are always on the hunt for the perfect espadrille and I *may* have found it! It is by Penelope Chilvers and it comes int he most delightful metallic colors! Definitely worth checking it out.

  12. Very cute but, nooot quite cute enough to extinguish my Jacques Cohen torch. But, I always appreciate being kept in the fashion loop so merci!

    And, Ivy & Piper, make sure you see the shout out you got on the previous post :)

  13. You ain't gonna be the tannest in the theatre. I just got back from Bethany Booth.

    I've got all the Pirate Booty. Right here. Yep.

  14. I some how missed this post and about had a breakdown that you hadn't blogged in almost 2 weeks or were done blogging.

    Anxiety attacked averted. WHEW!

    Hope you're having a tremendous holiday!